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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back and forth... and back again

After my post yesterday, I got some really good comments and feedback regarding my "discovery" of a potential reason to why I wasn't losing weight. I wrote most of that post over the weekend but had it scheduled to run yesterday, which it did. Without even giving it a second thought, I kinda had to ask why did I want this information. Most of the comments I received were more or less along the lines of, "Why does it matter?". And I couldn't be more happy with that response because it doesn't matter! Plus I love tough-love much more than "it's-okay-you'll-do-better-tomorrow" type of comments so keep 'em coming!

Here's what I wrote in my comment section yesterday, after I posted:
Add to say that the last couple comments hit home for me. After I wrote this post (which I composed over the weekend) I realized that all this information doesn't make a difference. I think I was looking for an excuse to why I haven't lost any weight since the beginning of the year.. sad, huh? I think my main point about this post was to lead back to the fact that I think I may be taking in more calories than necessary. Yeah, I haven't been counting calories for the last several weeks, but before that I was sticking to a cal intake of no less than 1600 (based on the "average") but I was so worried about going below that 1600 number. I think I just to need find what works for me, even if it is a little lower than average. If it works for me and I can still continue to bring it, then that's what I need to do, right?
So a lot of what I wrote yesterday had to do with the fact that I think I was searching for a reason to why I wasn't changing: weight-wise and body fat wise. But that's all it was, a reason or excuse for myself! I was hoping I'd find somethig that told me I was eating too much calories for my body size because per my nutrtitionist/personal trainer, I should eat all 1600+ calories everyday, even if I'm not hungry so that's what I was doing. But no more.

I gotta start listening to my body and just eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm not.

With that said, the best thing for me right now is to have a plan. Exercise plan is to still continue the BFL program but I need to get back on a sound nutrition plan. Enter my Bodybugg... again. It was a pretty expensive investment so the least I can do is use it to it's full advantage while I have the free membership to the site. I'm gonna stay away from counting calories but will be wearing and logging my bugg daily to just get an estimate of calories burned.

I tend to start dropping weight when I get an average burn of 2300/day so that's what I'll aim for.


Kyle Gershman said...

I was going to comment yesterday, but so many really smart followers really hit the point home that you acknowledged before I could get there...this is a wonderful community!

Knowing how hard you work at getting fit, I'm just pleased that you've got your same determination that has always inspired me to keep going as well.

MAJL said...

Counting calories is tiring and stressfull but having a range as a guideline can be useful. At this stage, I know what I should and shouldn`t be eating and how much of it. Some days, my body needs 2,000 calories, and others, it only needs 1,400. Going by hunger and gauging hunger can be difficult though.

Boomer said...

Annie... your are right on the money with today's post. I have a bodybugg too. I think it is time for me to strap it on again. It helped me get down to 8.5% BF last year. I am no where near that right now. I would like to get to 10%. The bodybugg is a great tool. Some people say it is too expensive, but I think if you spread the cost over the time it takes to reach one's goal, it really is cost effective.

Annalisa201 said...

Yay. Congrats for getting it girl. Welcome to "Back on Track" :) You'll do well.... oh yeah, or would you prefer: Go kick some ass girl!

CJ said...

Bang on track! Get going girl!!

Chris said...

I hear you about getting on track! Seems to be a common theme between us these days. :) Just gotta find what works for you!

Sandra said...

Hi. I've been having a similar type of problem. Congrats for shaking things up and daring to go in a new direction! :)