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Monday, April 19, 2010

It's not about the scale: NSV's!

NSV's, or non-scale victories, need to be celebrated just as much as scale victories IF NOT MORE!! And since all my post have been so negative recently (see here, here, and here) I figured I owed it to myself to do this.

NSV's are a true measure of how our bodies change and they tell us things the scale never can.
  1. Fitting into a Juniors size 7 dress! JUNIORS!
  2. Running a mile under 10 minutes.
  3. Craving healthier foods over junk food. I don't know when this happened, but I just realized it about a couple months ago.
  4. Noticing how much farther my boyfriend's arms can wrap around me.
  5. Having my boyfriend mistake me for a stranger because he didn't recognize me from a distance because I've lost weight (this actually happened the other week)!
  6. Increasing the amount of weight I lift every month... even if it's only by 2.5lbs, I'm stronger today than I was yesterday!
  7. Putting on a top I've only worn once because it was too tight, now be too big. A waste of money, but an awesome NSV!
  8. Having my personal trainer (who's fit) blown away because I can lift the same amount of weight as he can on a particular back exercise!! And yes, I said HE!
  9. Doing a pretty intense hike and having a complete stranger tell me what an awesome job I did. I passed her doing up the mountain and was halfway back down when I passed her again!
  10. On a different day on said intense hike, I caught up to and paced a bunch of military guys all the way to the top. At the top of the hike, they asked what type of exercise program I was currently doing cause they were impressed - yeah impressed that the fat girl could keep up with them!

Don't forget about your NSV's!


Nora said...

Very Positive Post! Those are some great NSV's. Way to think about so many different things.

Salina Lyn said...

Rock On Girl! :) WooooHOoooo!

Kyle Gershman said...

Well, for me, you can stop calling yourself the fat girl...you are one fit woman!

Looks like some awesome views from that hike.

I think you are way past defining yourself by the scale anyway...only NSV's from here on out!

Heidi said...

Those are awesome NSV's. And like Kyle said .. stop calling yourself the fat girl. You rock!

I was running a trail with a friend the other day and feeling very slow. We were doing a loop and passed some ladies a couple times. On our last pass, the ladies commented to us on how fast were were. I remembered back to when I first started running and saw a girl loop me 4 times on this trail and I was in awe. I was now that girl! Put everything back into perspective.

Boomer said...

Great post! Just in time too cause because I needed some motivation. You are definitely looking at the health and fitness thing correctly. You NSV improvements are awesome. Hey, that photo looks like the steep hill (mountain) by Coco Head.

Kelli @ From Bulge To Bikini said...

I LOVE this post! And good for you! Those are all amasing Victory's and should be celebrated! We all get so caught up in the number on the scale, or the bad choices we make, that we often for get all the good things that we've done and the accomplishments we have achieved! Thank you so much for this upbeat post! I'm going to keep it in mind and try to think of some of my very own NSV's to get myself re-motivated again! Keep it up!

Chris said...

All I can say is keep bringing it! You're rockin'!

CJ said...

Wow thats a awesome list of NSV's . Way to go! You should be proud!

Jenification said...

This is so inspirational! Thank you for introducing me to NSV's. I love your examples, especially your reference to your boyfriend. It is funny how our loved ones reflect our changes so wonderfully. Go you!

Gem said...

Well done! I am so inspired by how committed to fitness you are, and how good you look because of it!

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Congrats on all your success! ♥