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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick weight update

Starting weight: 176.4
Last week weight: 137.0
Current weight: 135.2
Current loss: -1.8

I ain't mad at that!  Nutrition and staying on track with my plans are doing great!

The thing I have the hardest time with is avoiding the "bad" food.  Not so much because they're bad, but because I know I'm not suppose to have them, so it makes me want them even more! Human nature, right?  But I want a healthy and fit body more than any ice cream flavor Ben and Jerry's could ever think up.  More than Cheesecake Factory's special red velvet cake cheesecake (which I had this weekend and LOVED it!  You know how my obsession with red velvet anything goes)!  And more than the awesome Kobe beef cheeseburger my boyfriend had that night... so  good!

Yup, I want a fit body more than any of those things.

To semi-quote someone I don't even like:

"Nothing taste as good as being (fit)." 
It actually said "skinny" in place of fit but I don't wanna be skinny... 
Quote by Kate Moss.


Lauren Alderman said...

You and I have quite a bit in common! I've enjoyed reading your blog and relating to pretty much everything you have to say! Thanks for the post!

Kristina said...

For me its oreos and Dove chocolates. Even one and I want the whole bag. YOU girl, are doing amazing!!!! Want your the thighs you have in the pic that you say "stays up til you lose it" Id LOVE to have thighs that look like that!

Kyle Gershman said...

Great weigh-in! Yes...the bad food has been calling on me lately, too. While I've done some strength training, the weather has hampered running and I guess that kind of interruption in routine left a hole that should not have been filled.


Kat said...

What a great weigh in!

I know what you mean about being attracted to bad foods and I'm still just learning to eat just one.

PhluffyPrincess said...

I find you SO inspirational. I started off the year at 176-177 and my goal weight is 135. I visit your blog and BAM! There is a living testament to it being done. I love it! Congrats on this week's loss!