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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm not flaky, I PROMISE!

No surprise here but I have once again changed things up with my exercise. Yesterday I had my PT session at the gym and when we were done, I talked to the gym manager and put a freeze on my account for three months!

That's right, no gym, no PT, no outside accountability (except you guys!), and no monthly membership dues from May 1 - Aug. 1!
Between this and my sweet tax returns, I think I smell Vegas again!

I'm not flaky or indecisive, I PROMISE!

Constantly changing things up is what works for me so I roll with it. Anyway, I have several trips/weddings this summer so figured it might not be worth paying that monthly membership when I might only be here for half the summer. Plus, summer in Hawaii = get moving outside! So that's the plan for now. I'll still continue the BFL program until the end of May, when my 84 days are up and will jump into something new again. I'm really excited about this summer and I'm not sure why...

Nutrition wise I'll be changing things up a little... will still focus on the BFL program but make it a point to be more consistent with nutrition. Last night Anthony and I ordered a family meal from Pizza hut: 2 large specialty pizzas, 5 bread sticks, and cinnamon bread. We polished the bread sticks and cinnamon bread, and almost ate one entire pizza. Thankfully we couldn't eat any more. Yup... that's so not part of my nutrition plan but what are you gonna do? It's a done deal so moving on.

In other news, I jumped on the scale this morning and not surprisingly it was the same as last week: 137. That's a bona fide gain of about 2 lbs. in the last month which isn't bad, but considering how hard it is for me to even lose 5 lbs., it's kinda bad. Not beating myself up cause I know exactly why it happened and I'm okay with it cause I knew it would happen. I'm not "okay" as in I'm cool with it, but I'm "okay" in the sense that I accept it. I just gotta get back on track... it really is that simple. Now to just do it...


Kyle Gershman said...

It is important to be at peace with your decisions and choices. Good choice to halt the gym for a few months if you'll be soaking up the HI sun while hiking all those great trails.

In my last big weight loss journey, I lost 100 pounds, but when I gained back about 60 of those pounds it was because I got too comfortable with my dwindling activity level and started getting my endorphin rush from food again. I convinced myself that I was cool with that and that was just what life was going to be.

My cautionary tale is that I became cool with not just an occassional food treat, but with all meals being treats and due to come work related weekly travel saw the activity level drop to near zero too.

You've come a long way girl...you'll get the rest of the way too.

Salina Lyn said...

Good for you with the positive attitude and shit. :)

How do you like the BFL program? I did it a few years ago and got NO benefit. Nothing. So...ya I changed things up right quick. :)

Kelli @ From Bulge To Bikini said...

I hear ya girl! I gotta get back at it too. It gets hard after a while to stay motivated and turn the pizza down. Hang in there and enjoy the summer outdoor workouts!!! I wish I lived in Hawaii!!! :)

Alissa said...

Hey! We all have stumbles, and you will definitely figure out what works for you. Being perfect is too much pressure! If I try to be perfect, I freak out, and then I eat way worse. Who needs that? I know you'll find your mojo again, even if it's a completely different version of mojo than it was before!