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Friday, April 16, 2010

Have my goals set

Remember my homework assignment from my PT? Well I did it and I think these are pretty good goals for all around fitness.

  1. Body fat percentage - Probably my most important goal... to shed this layer of fat! I don't mind weighing 135 for the rest of my life but I want it to be mostly muscle, damn it!
  2. Drop some pounds - In 8 weeks I would like to be down 8 lbs... that's not asking for much. A pound a weeks is something totally doable if I stick to being consistent with my nutrition and exercise.
  3. Calorie deficit - I was so torn about this goal. I wanted to stay away from counting calories but I can't ignore what's always worked for me when I need to stay on track. I'm aiming for at least a 500 calorie deficit 6 days a week over the next 8 weeks.
  4. Increase my 1-mile time - This one is gonna be really interesting! Whenever I do cardio, I usually do it just to get the calorie burn. I've never aimed for a goal as far as cardio goes so I like this one a lot. Will be running my first timed 1-mile run over the weekend to know where I stand.
  5. Increase amount of weight I lift - In every exercise I do. With the BFL program, I've been using the same couple of exercises for each body part so keeping tabs on what I started with and where I am now should be easy. Will make it a point to increase all the weight next week.
If anyone can think of some better ones, please let me know! This is just what I came up with but would love advice...


MAJL said...

Excellent goals Annie!
The only one I can suggest is...
HAVING FUN! With work and other committments, it can get overwhelming, especially when you throw in health and nutrition.

For me, here are couple of things that make working towards my goals fun:

1) Organic produce delivery: makes me look up new recipes and get creative with kitchen projects, even if it is work.
2) One workout per week that gets me moving and indirectly helps me to reach my fitness goals, i.e long and slow run with my BF biking beside me.

Can't wait to see your results in 8 weeks.

Thanks for motivating me to establish goals and stay accountable too. I also appreciate your blog because you are really honest and don't try to sell products.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

What a stellar set of goals, Annie. Stick with 'em and I'm sure you'll get where you're headed.

Upping the weights on the strength training is the one I struggle with, because it tends to lead to something that I call "hurty arms". However, I'm gonna bump 'em up on my next workout just to be like you!

Annalisa201 said...

LMAO "hurty arms" OH MY! Laugh out loud funny!!! And SO true!

Something I've read about, haven't tried, is start each move at the highest possible weight you can handle, so you can only push out 8 reps max. Then lower the weight (immediately) and do 6-8 more, then lower again, 6-8 more, etc. working quickly (but properly and safely, not out of control). Maybe try that? Sounds good to me. I haven't gotten into weights yet. Just pilates strength, and spin which using your own body to build muscle. One more week of that before I want to start body pump classes twice a week (maybe just once a week to start, along with pilates, spin, etc - GEEEZE, I didn't expect to turn into such a gym rat!).

Another thing to warn about - are you sure 8lbs in 8 weeks isn't setting you up for disappointment? I know it doesn't seem like much, but for us & our bodies (not much to lose), it is quite a lot. Maybe 5lbs in 8 weeks is more realistic? Just want to try and prevent you getting disappointed with yourself because that can do some serious damage with the mental game, ya know.

Calorie plan sounds great, love the recipe "fun" goals mentioned above. I'm trying to put more vegetarian meals in, and fish (can't fall in love with many fish recipes unfortunately).
LOVE the timed mile! I'm preparing for a 5k in four weeks time. Rolling my eyes, not so sure about it. It's the goal and motivation and reason to run that is important for me to keep going though.

Going great Annie. Oh, stick some rewards in there too! I'm designing a new rewards list for myself this weekend :)

Kyle Gershman said...

If you are goal motivated, those are some great goals. I'm usually goal demotivated...so my goal is to have no goals...Hey! I made my goal!

Seriously, you've laid out a winning plan.

Boomer said...

Super goals. I especially like how you have turned your cardio fitness run into a goal setting run.

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

I love your goals. I agree that 135 lbs of pure muscle would be something I could definately live with. :D

I need to work on timing and improving my run time too. Infact I should just cut and paste your goals for myself, lol.

PhluffyPrincess said...

sounds like excellent goals! i'm sure you'll have no problem meeting them.

Chris said...

Annie, your goals are very realistic and attainable I think. The pounds sound good cause you'll gain muscle during that time which can make the scale fool you as we look at just that number! I think 1 & 2 will go hand in hand.

I need to do #3 too, I gotta get back to logging in myfitnesspal.com even when I've been bad! I know what you mean about counting calories it can become a real chore but like you has always worked for me.

I look forward to hear how #4 goes. With #5 how are you determining when it is time to increase a weight?

Happy to see you planning your short term goals like this - you're awesome!