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Friday, January 13, 2012

Progress stats from the beginning

It's Friday!  And not just any Friday, a Friday before a 3-day weekend!

After posting my measurements on Wednesday's weigh-in post, I had several emails that asked what were my starting measurements like.

I don't have exact starting stats from 2008 - back then I was taking my own measurements and pretty sure they weren't consistent - but I do have stats my trainer took from a year ago when I was 158 lbs., which is 20 lbs. lighter from my original starting weight of 176, but 25 lbs. heavier than Wednesday's weight... it's always good to look back on where you've come from anyway:

Some progress from last year but not as much as I'd expect with a 25 lbs. difference.  Body fat % is the main thing I track and there seems to be a significant loss.

38% body fat at 158 lbs = 60 lbs of fat and 98 lbs lean mass
31% body fat at 133 lbs = 41 lbs of fat and 92 lbs lean mass

I feel like I could have done a lot more to maintain my lean mass but can't complain about what I coulda-woulda-shoulda during the past year.  I can make a decision on what I'll do NOW!

1 comment:

SamJones21 said...

Great stats Annie, keep it going. You're right to focus on body fat %, keep it nice and simple so you can keep motivated and working for your goals. All the best!