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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend recap

Good morning... long weekends are the best, right?! 

Tried to sleep in but I was up by 8:00.  I hit the mall with Anthony to do some Christmas gift returning, eat some sushi for lunch, then went home early because I had an afternoon planned with my family.  We hit up Chinatown for the Chinese New Year celebrations:

Crowds of people, food booths, and vendors of all kinds.

Super colorful shirts... 
... to super colorful candied popcorn.  This booth was pretty amazing.  They had no-kidding over 50 different flavors of popcorn! My dad got the sampler and even though we didn't know what flavor was what, it was yummy!

Of course there was a parade (only got one pict cause short-little-me couldn't see much of anything).
And the only thing I ate (besides some of the colorful popcorn) was something called fried milk.  Never had it before, in fact I've never seen it before, so I had to try it.  It was basically an egg roll with a custard filling... fried custard is always good.

And remember this cute lil' gal I ran into at the 2011 Honolulu Marathon?
I ran into her in Chinatown, decked out in a custom made Cheongsam doggie dress!
So cute!

After the celebration in Chinatown, I went home because I was so tired.  Worse part about going to sleep early... not being able to fall asleep.  I was tossing and turning the entire night and before I knew it, my alarm rang. 

Woke up by 5:30 am and headed out to my GAR training.  We did a 5.5 miler and it didn't go so well. 

I was recovering from a blister I got on one of my runs earlier in the week, so I was taking it slower.  I don't know if the slower pace or because I was tired, but two miles into the run I got the worse side pain.  For the next 1.5 miles I was barley running and it was so sad to see everyone pass me by.  By mile 4, I just went for it and finished the last mile and half at a good pace minus the side pain.  My GAR coach was there at the finish cheering me on cause he knew I was having a hard time.

After the struggle of a run, I went home and got ready to have a mad shopping spree with my mom at one of our local used clothing stores.  When there's a holiday, they have all their clothes marked down 50% so for $65 I came home with:
  • Nike dri-fit shirt
  • Nike dri-fit tank
  • Under Armour running capris
  • Arden B top
  • Bisou Bisou tank
  • 2 Bebe dress shirts
  • BCBG silk tank
  • 2 Banana Republic skirts
  • Ann Taylor collared shirt
  • Annie Klein silk halter
Not too bad for two hours of shopping!  After that, I went home and napped for four hours... waking up at 5:30 am when you hardly slept the night before is not a good idea.  Wasted the rest of my day!

Finally got to sleep in, met up with friends for lunch (dim sum!), then came back home to do nothing for the rest of the day. 

Last night was a different story though.  I hit up the gym (Monday's are usually my days off but I missed my Saturday workout) then I spent about 2 hours prepping all my meals for the week.

I have a feeling this week is going to be awesome!!  Nutrition-wise, anyway.  =)

1 comment:

Kyle Gershman said...

Wow...so much to comment on, so I'll focus. Fried Milk...OMG...I'll just have to file that in the two awesome to even try a bite. 5.5 miles that you finished despite the pains and discomfort...that is tremendous...inspiring for my run tomorrow morning. Oh...we used to live in San Francisco and do a Chinese New Years scavenger hunt that took place during the parades...it was a riot, but too bad it kept us distracted from joining the crowds of parade goers...the colors, sounds, and smells are amazing. What a great weekend you had!