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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breakin' it down!

Week 1 mission: Smaller goals
"To start the challenge off, we want to encourage everyone to break your larger challenge goals down into bite-sized goals each week."

Mission accepted!  Lets take a look back at what my goals are for the challenge and I'll add in my smaller goals in red.

NSV Goal

  • Success story.  The other week I was talking to Anthony and told him that one of my NSV goals is to be featured on the "Wall of Success" at our gym.  The catch is I don't wanna ask to be a feature, I wanna be asked... big difference.  This goal can't really be broken down smaller.  As long as I stick to my exercise/nutrition goals below, I'll hopefully hit this.
  • Donation time!  This weekend, I'm spending the time to try on ALL my clothes and sort them into piles of too big, too small, and just right.  By the end of the RFSC, I want to fit into the "too small" pile and have to donate the other piles of clothes.  Same for this goal.  Being consistent with my goals below will let me hit this NSV.
Exercise Goal
  • Keep on going.  Continue my current 12-week exercise program, which will take me into the middle of May.  Breaking down this goal by writing out exactly what I need to do each day.
    • Sun:  back, biceps, and hamstrings weight training + 5-mile hike
    • Mon:  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the stairmill
    • Tues:  plyo + full-body weight training
    • Wed:  shoulders and abs weight training
    • Thur:  back weight training + 20 min HIIT
    • Fri: chest and abs weight training + 20 min run
    • Sat:  plyo + arms, back, and legs weight training
  • Something new.  Based on where I am at the end of my current program, research and choose my next routine.  Can't break this one down.
Nutrition Goal
  • Clean, clean, clean!  My #1 priority for the next 10 weeks is to really focus on and dial in my nutrition.  Clean, whole foods to support my body and intense workouts.  Meal planning for the week is done, just need to buy, prep, cook, and portion out my meals.
  • Increase healthy fats.  Definitely need to add more "smart fats" to my diet: salmon, avocado, nuts, olive oil, flaxseeds, coconut oil, etc.  Stocked up on avocados, salmon, a new to me cooking oil (macadamia nut oil), almond butter, and coconut oil.  My meal-planning has me eating healthy fats at every meal this week!
  • New eats = happy tummy.  Making it a goal to try one new recipe a week.  Nutrition can get pretty boring if you eat the same things over and over, so finding 10 new (hopefully yummy) recipes to add to my rotation will do me good.  Going to try this recipe as my "new eats" this week.


Dina said...

Good luck! I already know you're going to rock this challenge :)

Kristy said...

I love the detail of breaking down your goals. The new recipe looks delish.

affectionforfitness said...

I've got to sort out the clothes too. I have clothing that is getting in the way of finding what I want.

Tiny goals. I should just be working on that next 1 pound, which doesn't sound as daunting.

:-) Marion

Melanie said...

Great break down!!! I love your attitude!! You go this!

Weight Wars said...

Great goals! Good luck x

Raeesa Samizdat said...

Amazing planning! I need to step up on planning meals & workouts, you are definitely inspiring me.
Love your NSV goals, maybe I'll spring clean my closet at the end of this challenge...


deanna said...

I love your organizational skills. And happy to say they are (very slightly) rubbing off on me... I am working on that donation pile and trying on close thing. One small step to getting my house in order.

The Crazy Fat said...

Ew I totally bought new Spring chubby clothes this weekend out of absolute necessity and while they are cute I cannot WAIT to donate them. Good for you!!

Caron said...

Great goals. We can do this! :)

Jamie said...

Love how you have broken down your goals! You rock and I look forward to your success!

El said...

Good plan!! you are really really organized in this! thats awesome.

Annalisa201 said...

GREAT Annie! You are going to LOVE Macadamia nut oil - I haven't bought some in about a year... inspired me to go get some :) LOVE IT!

So - weekend challenges will be back after Easter. I'm hitting bootcamp hardcore each morning this week, but Friday I'm off camping for a week, will be away until Easter Sunday. Then, the weekend after that - 14/15 April - IT'S ON! I'm kicking ass :) So are you... one question - I noticed you don't have a rest day! What's up with that? How long have you been doing that? Do you see any pro's/con's to it? Okay, a few more than one question :) Love you Annie!!!

Maren said...

Good job on breaking down your goals, this looks so great. I think you have a fantastic plan!

Alana Jo said...

Your before/after photo is great. You look fantastic. Great job breaking down the goals. You got this!

Debsdailylife said...

Love your plan!! Makes for a very successful week!

Connie said...

I love your goals! Especially your NSV goals. I did not set an NSV goal because I just couldn't think of something that would motivate me...but, after reading your's, I think I might be able to come up with something that will keep me moving forward!

Anonymous said...

You rock those workouts girl! I love your gym goal too - I know you'll get asked to be on the success wall.

That recipe looks yummy - let us know how it tastes. I can't wait to try some of those Paleo recipes you've been making too.

Shannon said...

I hope I rock this challenge like I think you are going to! :)


PlumPetals said...

Great goals ... have you tried New Rules of Lifting for Women? I've been doing the weight training routine for a few months now and absolutely love it! I hope to be done with the whole thing by June. I think it's worth taking a look at if you're looking for something new after you complete your current program :)

Anonymous said...

Choose a good nutrition plan to complement your workout routines and enable you to attain your goal quickly. A mixture of healthy diet and abdominal exercises is the best way to tone your physique and continue to keep the fat off long term.