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Friday, March 9, 2012

Progress measurements

Two month difference.

Can't complain about any of it... especially because I'm still losing in the right places - arms and waist - and not losing in the wrong places - chest!!

Hips and thighs didn't change but I'm okay with that.  The barbell squats/lunges and killer leg days I'm doing with the LiveFit program are already changing the physical appearance of my legs.  Definitely not complaining about that. 

My workouts always tend to give more attention to my lower body because that's the first place I see definition so I've decided to do higher reps (12 - 15 reps) instead of the standard 8 - 12 that I normally do.  Will keep the upper body workouts in the 8 - 12 rep range.

Weekend plans
Tomorrow I'm checking out a new training facility - sshhh... don't tell my trainer - and will be getting a free personal training session, get this, with a guy that used to be a trainer with my current trainer.  Although he doesn't work at a gym (which is why I said training facility), his prices would make it worth it to sign up with him AND keep my gym membership.

Picture from EC Fitness Oahu.
Very Cross Fit style training areas... I'm super excited about it!!

What are your weekend plans to stay on track?


Maren said...

Gotta love progress in the right places! :) Good luck with checking out the facilities! :D

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Nice numbers. And in the right places. I look froward to reading about your Cross Fit Type adventure.