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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who cares? Well, I do!

The other day I received an email from a friend asking me about the clean-eating challenge I'm doing because she really wants to clean up her diet.

After emailing back and forth for a while, she asked me if the boyfriend is doing the challenge also.  I said no.

"So no one holds you accountable?  Why can't you just eat a spoonful of ice cream then?  No one would know and you can just lie about it."

Ummm…. no!

What do you mean no one holds me accountable and no one would know about the ice cream?  I hold myself accountable and I would know about it.

It's funny how most people wouldn't think of cheating on their significant other or breaking a promise to their kids… so why is it so different when it comes to treating ourselves right?  I understand that sneaking a spoonful of ice cream isn't anywhere near cheating on someone, but it is cheating on me.  Broken promises - "I'll start tomorrow" - and putting myself last got me over 60 lbs. overweight.

So isn't it about time I started treating myself right?

And speaking of the clean eating challenge… it's tough! 

Look at all the red for days I didn't make it.  Granted, those days weren't cheat meals, but if I ate even one bite of something not clean, I crossed off the entire days as a 'not-clean-all-day-every-day' day.

Looking at last week, it looks like I didn't do well (I fell short on 3/4 goals) BUT I'm not worried about it.  My trainings have increased in intensity and duration, which can account for my extra calories, and my motivation is still going strong.  This week will be a challenge because my gym is closed for a week of renovations (boo! and yay! at the same time) but I still plan on getting in all my weight-training sessions at home.   Yay, for Trainer E, who I see for our first official personal training session this Friday.


Miles In Murray said...

I agree with you. I don't know how people cheat on themselves. I always take a bite of Chad's tres leches cakes, but I don't have 1 bite and lie to myself or anyone else. How does that make sense? Haha.

You are doing so great. You always inspire me :)

deanna said...

I pride myself on being honest. And not that I can really lie to myself, because how can you really lie; I know what I do/eat; but I do justify my poor eating chooses and make all kinds of excuses for myself. I let myself down with what I know is right.

Your post has made me think... I am only hurting me when I am not totally upfront and honest and do what I know is right for me.

No more excuses...for the rest of the day... to be really honest. :)

Treadmill Hiker said...

It's so funny how people's minds work. Our bodies are the best diet journal possible - keeping meticulous track of everything we eat and burn and showing it off openly. If anyone knows a way to cheat on it and eat a tray of brownies without our bodies finding out, PLEASE do let me know!! Immediately!

Sable Weisman said...

Annie, thank you so much for thinking of Grammie and our family yesterday <3 it means so much to me!!