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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: In a new decade?

Starting weight:  176.4 
Last week weight:  130.0
Current weight:  128.6
Current loss:  -1.4
TOTAL LOSS:  -47.8

I want to remind people that 128 lbs. for my height is still considered overweight.  I have a body fat percentage of 33% (per my last Trainer L visit) which is considered overweight for my age.  128 may seem low, but I have visible, squishy fat everywhere... and I'm not talking about a "need to lose the last 10 pounds" sort of vanity fat... it's fat fat!

For my height and with a muscular build (what I'm going for) I should be around 115 lbs. at MAX.  Without the muscular build, around 108 lbs.  My goal weight is 120.  

Still overweight for my height, but much healthier than 176 lbs. 3 years ago!  Hope I'm in this new decade for good!!

Click the above picture to join me in the Challenge.  
Starts March 26!


Lisa@The Daily RUNdown said...

Well you look awesome!
Your doing this the right way and making progress, your close to your goals! Get it girl!!

Mishy said...

i don't comment often but i'm a huge fan, (a big fan of hawaii too). just want to say i totally get what you're saying re: height/weight ratio. you're doing great and keep up the good work!

deanna said...

You don't look over weight in your pictures. You look great. You have come so far, and are doing great. Such an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new decade Annie! And I agree totally with the height/weight thing. I think a lot of people see YOUR number and apply it to themselves without considering height/build differences.
I also agree with what the other commenter's are saying; You are looking AWESOME and you are an INSPIRATION :)

K said...

You're doing awesome! I never comment but I've been following your blog. You helped me decide to restart mine :D

Maren said...

You can definitely reach your goals, it just takes time and determination. Hopefully the challenge will help!

Dani @ Drops in the Bucket said...

Quite the inspiration, girlie. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm new at this healthy lifestyle thingamajig. So it's nice having the support of others. I've read through many of your posts. You've made amazing progress. So awesome.

Half Chinked said...

I'm doing the challenge also! Can't wait to get started!!!

Kari said...

Did someone give you a hard time for your weight goal? That has been happening to me A LOT lately. It chaps my hide. I'm doing it to continue to be as healthy as I can and lighter because I run a lot. And who are they to decide whats right for us??! Anyway my big pet peeve lately. You know what your doing and congrats for sticking to your plan (you look great BTW!!)

Treadmill Hiker said...

You are so close!! Keep it up! Your blog is the best online motivation I have bookmarked, and your clean eating tips have changed my dietary goals in my own weight loss journey. I think you look great and sound incredibly healthy-minded!