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Monday, March 19, 2012


SUPER quick weekend recap:
  • first Trainer E session was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
  • sweet potato + baked chicken breast + salsa + awesome yogurt = YUMMY
  • attended a CrossFit style warrior workout
  • baked up a Paleo storm on Saturday (recipes coming soon)
  • hit up yet another new gym
  • grilled up a clean storm on Sunday
More details coming in this week's posts but enjoy the limited picts from this weekend.

Protein cinnamon "bread"

Almond banana "bread" muffins

Coconut banana butter balls cupcakes cookies yumminess.

 Veggies, fish-in-foil, chicken.
Thank you, parentals, for the awesome grilled dinner!


El said...


Mrs. Lee said...

you had me at potato:). looks so good....thanks for sharing!


Maren said...

Oh that grill..... Invite me over, please! ;)

deanna said...

You are making me hungry... yumm

Treadmill Hiker said...

I'd really like to know how to make those breads/muffins if they are actually healthy. Can you share?

All the pics are great and maybe if I start imagining a snapshot of whatever I'm about to eat being posted on my blog, I'll bring my diet choices up a notch. Or two.


BubbleTeaResa said...

Your potato looks awesome! Can't wait for all of the recipes.

affectionforfitness said...

I do that with potatoes too. Plain yogurt tastes like sour cream, but it doesn't have to be as limited in amount. I dump on 1/4 cup and enjoy the creaminess and put a black bean salsa on top.

:-) Marion

Mary @ DesignerOfMe said...

Girl how do you stay so awesome???

btw your weekend eats look yummy!!

That Dayum DeeDee said...

Stopping by from the Summer Challenge...OMG I don''t know if I can continue to visit your blog if you keep making posts like these. The food looks so yummy, I want to eat everything I see here...lol