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Sunday, February 8, 2009

MFD entry 34

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
February 8, 2009
So I started ChaLean this past Monday, the 2nd, and have done everything except for one of the dvd's, Burn Intervals and Abs, which is a cardio workout. I skipped it since I did a pretty intense run that day.

Well today I did her other cardio dvd, called Burn It Off and Recharge, and I L-O-V-E-D it!!!! I love a good cardio workout and I was getting so used to the elliptical/running/my cardio dvd's at home that this was such a nice change of pace. Almost every single exercise was a move that I've never done before, but it was so simple to follow and a very good cardio workout. I'm happy to report back that I was able to follow the "advanced" members in the crew the entire workout! :)

The second part of the dvd, the Recharge part, is all stretching and some yoga poses and it feels so good doing it! My body hasn't been sore from the lifting yet but I heard from others' experiences that it's okay to not be sore. I know I'm lifting heavy enough and my muscles fatigue (sometimes I can't even get through the entire set of 12 because my muscles won't move any more), but not being sore after the workouts has me a little concerned.

I'm definitely going to stick it out and give Chalene my all for 90 days.

Looking forward to started my second week of the Burn circuit! :)

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