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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 13, 14, 15/30: Nothing exciting

Nothing really exciting to post for the past three days of the 30-day Surprise PT Challenge, but here's a recap of what I did and how it went:

Monday, Day 13/30
Looking back at my workouts last week, I realized I didn't take a break day so as much I didn't want to because of the weekend of eating, I took off on Monday. Water intake and calories were on track all day!

Tuesday, Day 14/30
Yesterday still on track with water intake and cals, but my cals were actually really low throughout the day and I totally felt it when I tried to workout to a combo of strength/cardio: P90X Plyometrics. One of my absolute favorite workouts ever! Higher impact and a little tougher on the joints, but I love how it's one of the few workouts that really give me a good pump going through my leg muscles. Not even lifting weights can give me this kind of burn. And I am feeling it today because I cannot sit down or get up without being reminded of the jump squats and jump lunges from yesterday... my glutes and hammies are sore! I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, Day 15/30
As long as I stick to my plan for the last 8 hours of the day, I will be right on target for my calories, water, and workout. Nothing too exciting today, just going to the gym later tonight to hit the weights (minus lower body moves!) for, what I hope will be, an intense upper body workout. I wanna feel the burn in my arms, check, back and shoulders like I do my legs!

BTW, I realize that today is my half-way mark for the challenge so I'll be posting thoughts and a recap of how I'm doing so far.

1 comment:

MackAttack said...

Wow you really are a work out machine. Way to go on your challenge!