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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 21/30: Bloated is no excuse!

Yesterday I was not in the mood to workout at all!

I was still feeling really bloated from this weekend of eating and this is the worse I've felt from food alone. It's been a while since I ate out so often and this is seriously the worse bloating ever... well of course besides the once-a-month bloating!

Anyway I wrote off any exercise from early yesterday morning and I thought about all the relaxing things I could do when I got home... take a nap... walk the dog... catch up on blogs... cook an early dinner... watch some tv... basically do nothing! And I was happy all day because there was no workout planned. But about an hour before work ended, someone (presumably ME!) kicked my own ass and asked WHY?!

Why was I going to skip my work out? Working out always makes me feel better whether I'm feeling a little sick, or have cramps, or FEELING BLOATED! So right away I called Anthony to see if he wanted to hit the gym after work and he did. So we did! Yay! I usually hate going to the gym after work because it's so crowded but I knew if I didn't go then, I wasn't going at all. So yesterday I was completely on track with everything: diet, water, and miles!


Dree said...

That's so great that you ignored your inner "doubter" and decided to work out in the end! I really need to work on that. Have a great day!

Garlic Girl said...

Thank you for the sweet comment :)
Good job on getting some exercise! I love how it makes a day feel accomplished!

Mandie said...

Wooohoo! Glad you talked yourself into the gym. I literally had to do the same thing yesterday! It's tough, but we KNOW we must!! WOOHOO!