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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

POM review and Weigh-in Wednesdays

Last Wed. weight: 135.0
Today's weight: 134.0

Lost: -1.0

TOTAL Lost: -42.4

I'm totally happy with that loss! I am just coming off of being sick so I realize that may have made me 'lighter' this week, but for not exercising and not tracking my food last week... that's pretty good. This Friday I see my PT for full measurements - tape measure and body fat % - so that'll be the true test. Crossing my fingers!

As promised here is my POM Wonderful review:

The other week I was contacted by POM Wonderful to see if I was interested in giving their products a try. They didn't ask me to do a review, but I offered to do it... I figured it's the least I could do! In Hawaii, POM drinks run about $5 so although I've heard so much good stuff about them, I've never tried them.

First, a little about the company (more can be read here). According to their site:
POM Wonderful is a global brand committed to innovation and wellness. We grow and market pomegranates and pomegranate-based products that are healthy, honest and essential to the well-being of humankind.

Ours is the only company that grows, harvests, processes and ships our own pomegranates. Plus, we’re the only pomegranate company whose products are backed by over $32 million in scientific research. POM Wonderful’s commitment to wellness also means caring about the well-being of our planet. Our sustainable business practices include:

* Using the latest drip-irrigation technologies in our orchards to minimize use of one of California’s scarcest resources – water.
* Making productive use of every single part of the pomegranate. What’s left over is used as cattle feed – no landfills for us!
* Manufacturing our bottles right next to our filling plant, which means no wasteful transportation of air-filled bottles.
* Employing an intelligent routing system to ensure our products travel the fewest miles possible to reach store shelves.
* LEED Silver certified corporate offices in Los Angeles, CA.
Well I received 4 coupons in the mail so I picked out four different flavors at the store. Man, I wish the store I went to carried POM's coffee flavors! I would have totally tried those but I had to settle for these yummy looking flavors: Pomegranate Blueberry, Pomegranate Tea, Pomegranate Blackberry Tea, and Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea.

First up is the Pomegranate Blueberry drink. Unlike the other three, this one isn't a tea, but comes out of POM's 'Juice' line. It actually tasted really concentrated, not in a bad way, but in a mix-it-with-a-little-seltzer-water way. Now THAT would have been good! I really liked this flavor overall and actually wanna go back and buy the regular 100% Pomegranate one.

I love the bottle shape of the Pomegranate Blueberry!

This is another one of my faves! The Pomegranate Tea (sorry no link to their site)! The flavor was pretty light but it was so good. It does have a slight tea taste (as it should) but it's not over powering and the pomegranate flavor is still there. To me, this was the 'lightest' tasting flavor of the four, but don't mistake 'light tasting' for lack of flavor - I mean light as in not-too-concentrated... it's still yummy! This is one I would definitely buy again.

My least favorite was the Pomegranate Blackberry Tea. Unlike the first Blueberry drink, this one actually tasted a lot like it should have been called Pomegranate Cherry Tea and I don't like cherries. My boyfriend really liked it though so I'm sure I'm in the minority of the people who don't like it.

Last but not least... my other favorite... Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea. This was so yummy, I will totally buy this again... at the full $5+ price! The lychee flavor was pretty prominent which is why I liked it, and like the Pomegranate Tea, the flavor is pretty light... no need for dilution.

Overall I was really impressed with the POM Wonderful drinks... no wonder they're so popular even though they're a little expensive (in my area)... well not expensive if you consider the health benefits! With all four flavors, the pomegranate flavor was definitely front and center, and for me, one bottle could last several servings if mixed with other liquids. I actually had a friend tell me POM drinks are good to mix into smoothies... and since I drink a blended concoction every morning, what a great way to get in a healthier breakfast! I will definitely be getting more!

Thanks POM Wonderful!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I still regret saying that the bottle looked like a sex toy when I reviewed the stuff. Why? Cuz nobody will let me review anything else anymore. :(

katsuboy said...

Now I wanna go and try them! Get me some freebies, too!

Susan said...

Congrats on your loss ! And thanks for the POM review !

MackAttack said...

Yay for the loss! Glad POM sent you some stuff and you enjoyed em. Yum!