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Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't stand it when...

... people didn't think I could lose the weight when I first started.
... people don't think I can keep it off now that I lost it.
... someone finds out I go to the gym and they think that is all I've done to lose weight.
... someone makes a comment about my food looking 'healthy' (ie. bland and junk).
... the same person who made the comment about my 'healthy' food makes a comment when I eat non-healthy food. (Wth? Make up your mind!)
... people think I've stepped over to the 'dark side' because I switched from white rice to brown rice.
... people ask me how I'm losing weight and once I say 'ex...' they lose interest because they know I'm gonna say exercise.
... people remind me to not go too far and become anorexic... if I even had the ability to take it that far, do you think I would be overweight to begin with?

But, I absolutely love it when...
... I step on the scale and know all my hard work is paying off.
... I have to throw out clothes because they're getting too big rather than getting too small.
... I can do things I couldn't before or in a really long time: running a 13k, playing basketball, going up stairs w/o getting winded
... people ask me for help and really WANT it.
... out of the blue someone tells me they started working out because I inspired them... lil' ol' me!
... I walk out the door every morning, more confident in myself than the day before.
... I accomplish something I never thought I could.
... I look at my arms or legs and can see muscles... it pushes me even harder the next time.
... people notice how much happier I am.


Mandie said...

I totally could have written this! The best part is like what you've done, counteracting with all the things you LOVE :) Yay!!!

I've had a slight slip in my journey, and regained 20lbs...you wouldn't believe all the snide comments I get about it. Ugh. Like it's not hard enough. I'm working to get back to where I was, so just LEAVE ME ALONE people! :)

Amazon Runner said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You rock GF. Did I mention that I love this post?

sarah said...

Great post!!

I totally HATE when people comment on my food and how it looks bland and not like something they want to eat. If it wasn't yummy would I be eating it? No. I wouldn't. MYOB thank you. Do I comment on your smoking? Your eating fast food? Oh did I mention this happened to me yesterday? I'm still bitter.

Rock it girl!!

Mrs. Sheila said...

I so love this!! The don't like list I could totally post as my own, and the DO LIKE? OH MY! Were you the one proding in my head the day I had a headache? LOL

Annalisa201 said...

Ok, the above commenters stole my comment.

But.... I can't help myself -


Lors said...

I love your white rice to brown rice comment. I know that when I made the transition, I'd get the weirdest looks from family/friends. It was as if they felt sorry for me LOL. I actually prefer BROWN RICE...they didn't get that.

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

I honestly think people give you a hard time because your lifestyle inadvertently points out all the things that they could do better. You eat right and exercise and maybe they don't and wish that they did. As they say misery loves company and perhaps they are looking for company????