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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 8/30: Scary people at the gym!

So last night Anthony and I had our usually late-Wednesday-night gym date. Today was a weight training day so we were ready to hit the iron hard but our plans hit a bump when we discovered there are some scary people at the gym! Now, I'm not a mean person and I think anyone at the gym is doing themselves good - more power to ya! - but when someone is there and actually scaring me because I think they may go crazy... that'll set me back a bit while doing my sets!

There was a lady at the gym who was doing a ton of non-weight bearing strength training - lunges, ab work, skips, hops, squats, etc. That's all fine but her movements were so exaggerated you could have been knocked out if you got in her way... literally! And she was being her own personal trainer. Talking very loudly to herself and counting her reps to herself - and I mean loudly! She wasn't quite yelling, but she wasn't just talking under her breath either. And she was saying things like:

"None of those girls are anything"
"Those girls don't mean anything"
"It's not against the rules to

At one point I was doing chest presses on the bench and looked over at her and you know what she said LOUDLY:

"It's not against the rules to talk to out-loud to yourself!"

Got it! I finished up what I was doing and moved to the other side of the room. When we left, she was skipping and mummering to herself again in the hallway. At some points during the night I really thought she was gonna snap!


cmoursler said...

lmao...WHAT. A. PSYCHO.
wow, I have a weird gym guy that winks at all the young thin girls the old pervert finds attractive. yuck. That's why every girl should have a can of mace.

My Own Two Feet said...

If I were you I'd go find the heaviest weights you could lift.. rock them out... then slam them down and say..


and then grunt at her..


MackAttack said...

did she by any chance resemble tracy from the biggest loser? I could see them being separated at birth or something!

Dree said...

LOL! Gosh, that is funny. I'm sure it wasn't at the time, though! I once was walking on a treadmill next to a crazy in wedge heels. No gym instructor approached her to tell her that it was against the rules- she was that scary!