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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 9/30: Step-mill Challenge

Bring it on, Josh!

The other day my blogger friend Josh proposed a step-mill challenge for himself... "Climb the equivalent of the tallest staircase in the world (2,579 steps) in one session. This equates to 171 flights of stairs on the StepMill"...

That's a lot of steps!!

Well Josh did it over this weekend and killed it! He did 2700+ stairs which is equivalent to walking over 3 miles of straight STAIRS!! Awesome job, my friend! So awesome, in fact, I told him I'm gonna do it too... and I did tonight at the gym. Results:

Minutes: 50 min
Steps: ?? (not sure how many stairs = a floor)
Floors: 302
Miles: 4.2

Thanks for the motivation to get me moving on a machine I don't like! Variety is the spice of life and this was something different for my body. Yay!


Annalisa201 said...

That's pretty incredible! Judith and I have been determined to do stairs once a week, but only done em twice. Starting again in Term 4, next week. I did 107 stairs eight times, and it KILLED ME! Just guessing about 15 stairs per floor that's 56 floors - you did 302 floors Annie!?!!! REALLY! WOW! I'm impressed. Maybe that's way off, but you must know what an accomplishment you did. Great job! Keep it up :)

MAJL said...

I'm going to do it tomorrow!

Jen said...

That makes me hurt just thinking about it! Good for you!! I hope your legs aren't jello today! You are the bomb-diggity!

My Own Two Feet said...

Dang girl! My quads and glutes shuddered at the thought. What speed setting were you on most of the time?

MackAttack said...

Wow! That's an amazing feat! Way to go!

Lisa said...

Yikes Annie! the thought of doing that makes me shutter. lol

- Lisa

Susan said...

I am DYING to try one of those things ! Good for you !