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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Recap: New color, new attitude

Not much to say about this weekend except...

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Thank you for all the "get well soon" wishes. I'm still a little congested, but nothing that will keep me from my exercise.

I had a great weekend keeping busy with house work, nothing exciting, but at least it kept me off the couch. And with the non-active week and a half I've had... staying off the couch was good! On Saturday, the boyfriend and I got up early - super excited, I might add - and we went shopping... at the hardware store. We picked up some paint and this is what we spent 2+ hours doing:

I love the color so much, the bathroom is now my favorite place to be (did I just write that?) and if I had a laptop, I'd set up a nice comfy place on the bathroom floor - not the toilet - and blog from there. The color has made the bathroom feel so "sophisticated" (quoted from the boyfriend). What do you think?

It's funny how such a small change in color can have such an impact on my mood. I seriously walked into the bathroom this morning - I hate mornings - and instantly felt so much better!
Can you see where I'm going with this?
It's also funny how a small change in attitude can have such an impact on your life. I didn't only repaint my bathroom this weekend, I repainted myself (corny, but go with it). I was in such a rut since I got sick - no exercise and eating was horrible - but instead of dwelling on all the things I did wrong in the past week, I just stopped myself in the middle of being "off track" and got back on track a.k.a. repainted myself. Simple. Saturday and Sunday were both good eating days and I even got in some exercise! And my 'new color' has given me a new attitude that's still carrying on to today: got in a good cardio session yesterday, eating is on-point, and I can't wait to hit the gym today... HELLO sore muscles!

I'm remotivated more than ever and seeing my PT later, for the first time in over a month, will really help me stay on track.

New color.
New attitude.
New me.

How are you going to repaint yourself today?

1 comment:

Sugar Free Cupcake said...

Thanks for the comment. You're right, I definitely need to look at body fat % as a indication of where I am at and the changes that I am making to my body.

Oh and good for you for getting back on track! Sometimes its all just a state of mind huh??