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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CLX / P90X Hybrid: Day 2 and 3

Day 2
My friend Alissa posted about her recent Jillian Michaels workout and it got me interested. I hate to say it but I'm a fan of Jillian's and her 30 Day Shred and Biggest Winner Series dvd's got me started on my weight-loss journey - and notice I use Jillian's workouts, not the Biggest Loser workouts cause to me there's a big difference! Anyway, I bought her newest workout dvd's months ago but never even touched them yet so when Alissa (another P90xer) posted that she got a killer workout from it, I had to try it.

So I sampled Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism dvd for my cardio day 2 workout.... and I.T. W.A.S. T.O.U.G.H. It was a little too plyometric-y for me - only because I have plyo today - but other than that I liked it! Jillian and her team move a little too slow for me but I got a killer workout when I follow their exercises but speed up the tempo.

Day 3
Today is day three and I had my plyo session with my PT. My legs were still sore from yesterday's Jillian dvd but moving around and getting the blood flowing again really made a difference and right now my legs feel good! Here's a brief run down of what my 60-minute PT sessions consists of:
  • core work on a stability ball
  • plyo and agility circuit
  • plyo circuit
  • plyo and agility circuit
  • plyo circuit
  • lateral delt raise/fly with core work
If you're unfamiliar with plyometrics here is a good list - with animation! - on several different lower body and upper body plyo exercises. It's not recommended that beginners do plyo because proper landing and jumping require more than just the muscles used to propel you. You're balance and stabilization muscles need to be strong too. I've been working on plyo for almost a year now but when I started, it was really hard on my joints. I just did what I could but never pushed myself too far. Now that I've been working with my PT for the last 6 months, it's made me a lot more confident in what I think and know I can handle.

With any new exercise program it's a good idea to check with your doctor or a professional in the industry to make sure you'll benefit from the exercise rather than injure yourself.


MackAttack said...

You are inspiring me to pump up my workouts! Glad you are getting good sessions in!

sarah said...

I am going to be trying Chalean thanks to you. I told my husband and I believe I may be getting an early Christmas present.

Also I know you mentioned that the Biggest Loser workouts were different but have you ever tried the Biggest Loser weight loss yoga? Let me tell you it is AWESOME! It is tough and I LOVE that DVD. I really do!!

Jen said...

I am so glad you said that the Biggest Loser work outs were different than Jillian's own workouts. I have 3 of the Biggest Loser workout DVD's and to me they are a JOKE. I mean...if I want a really really light day, I'll do one of those..but they don't give me anywhere near the work out that P90X or Insanity does. So you think that Jillian's workouts are right up there with Beachbody stuff? I might just have to try one! I've been hearing Alissa talk about it too!

Raeesa Samizdat said...

Animated Plyo exercises <----Awesome & Thank you!