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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesdays: 137.6

Last Wed. weight: 136.0
Today's weight: 137.6
Lost: +1.6

TOTAL Lost: -38.8

So I'm ending November at the same weight I was in August. I realize some of that is still water weight from this weekend, but it's also a for-sure gain in fat because I've had a rough two months of exercise and nutrition (or rather lack of). I'm not beating myself up for it but it's hard because I know better! This was a post from last year:
"Well I weighed in at 163.0 on Nov. 26, the day before Thanksgiving and I promised myself that I was going to be brave and make myself jump on the scale the day after Thanksgiving also, which was Friday. Now I know the weight-gain from one day won't be seen the next morning, but I still didn't know what to expect. Well I jumped on the scale Friday morning and I was down at 162.3!!:) Thanksgiving was really good to me this year."
And another one:
"I actually fluctuated between maintaining and losing, but after New Year's I came out down 1.2 pounds since December 22, putting me at 157.8. Today's current weigh-in is at 156.0. That's a loss of 7 pounds during the holidays!"
Last year, I weighed less the day after Thanksgiving than I did the day before Thanksgiving... water weight and all!! Wish I could have done that this year too! But on the bright side I can't believe I was celebrating my weight at 160+ lbs.! It's always nice to remind myself how far I've come in one year... exercise and diet battles included!

Anyway I still have Christmas and New Year's to get through but I know I can do this. Surely CLX and the X will help!


Boomer said...

CLX and P90X to the rescue!!! Although I must admit that 70% of the results are nutrition.

MackAttack said...

Wow you really have come far in a year. That's so amazing! I know you've had a challenging time this month, but only about one pound isn't so bad!