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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just got back from the marathon!

Whoa.... made you think I ran it huh?

Well of course I didn't! But my mom, Anthony and I were there bright and early at 5:00am to see my dad off at the start. He's been running marathons for over 30+ years and he's still going strong! We started the early morning off with some fireworks...

I've done a 13K before, but the magnitude of the marathon is so much greater! All the runners are so motivating and all the adrenaline pumping through the crowd totally infects the on-lookers!

After the main crowd of runners ran by, we started walking our way through Waikiki to the finish line. Every year we see my dad off at the start, take our time walking the 5 or so miles to the finish line, and stop to have a nice breakfast in between. This year there wasn't much decorations up except for the traditional decorated coconut tree.

As we entered Waikiki, we came across the first water station with cups EVERYWHERE!

Closest I'm coming to a white Christmas in Hawaii!

We tried to time our walk perfectly so we'd be by the beach when the sun started to rise and we did a great job of it...

You're typical winter morning here.

Same spot just taken about 5 minutes apart... what a difference!

As we got closer to the finish line, my mom wanted to check out the decorations in the hotels so we popped in and out of a lot of them. Again, not too many decorations up but it was still festive.

I'll be back to write about my first day of my CLX/P90X hybrid but I'll leave you with this picture of my mom and I illegally jumping into a rented tourist cruiser-car-thing... it was her idea. She set's such great examples!


Croughwell said...

i hope your dad had a good race!

Kyle Gershman said...

Quite inspirational...first get my body conditioned to jogging; second, get my body to that beach for a morning run. Thanks for pics!

Christine said...

love the pictures! that car thing is looks too fun!!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Talk about a complete mental grind. Marathons are the ultimate test, as the body and mind are in a constant tug-o-war between "I can't" and "C'mon... just one more step."

Is this a goal of yours? If so, you'll never be the same person again after crossing the finish line.

MAJL said...

BEAUTIFUL! That would be a great marathon to run :)

Mandie said...

Wow!!! GREAT pictures!!! Hope your Dad had a successful run!!!!