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Monday, December 7, 2009

Motivational Mondays: Jack Sh*t

Who makes me laugh out loud at my desk during work?
Who makes weight-loss a fun adventure I can't wait to go on?
Who makes song parodies like the best of them?
Who gives me tough-love when I need it the most?
Who should write a book that I'd buy for EVERYONE on my Christmas list?

Why Jack Sh*t of course!

The other week the hilarious, clever, inspirational, and motivational Jack Sh*t over at Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit, wrote a blog so right-on, I had to share it. Read it here and subscribe to his blog right now!

So did you read that? Only six weeks (well three and three-quarter weeks from today) left in 2009!!!

Let's get moving people!
"So… this year, I’ve got my mind’s eye on that holiday horde. While they’re mindlessly gobbling their way through Thanksgiving, through office parties, through big family dinners, I’ll be staying on my eating plan and sticking to my workout program.

I’m going to get a six-week headstart on these bozos, and while they’re uncomfortably huffing and puffing on their treadmills come January Uno, I’m going to be showing them how the regulars do things around these parts.

The holidays are a time for celebration, to be sure, but every celebration doesn’t have to revolve around food. Every good time doesn’t have to happen with your mouth crammed full.

I know you’ve had “Start a New Diet” as a New Year’s Resolution before. Maybe you’ve had it multiple times. Who knows? Maybe like me you’ve had it each and every year for as long as you can remember.

I’m not doing it this year.

Don’t you do it this year either.

This year, let’s make a brand new resolution…

Let’s resolve to keep on keeping on.

And let’s start right now."
Jack Sh*t


MackAttack said...

oh that Jack Sht....Such a motivating force!

Anonymous said...
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