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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MFD: Weekend Challenge III: FAIL!

This post was copied from my forum entry on My Food Diary (MFD) where I journal my daily thoughts/feelings about weight-loss.  Although this blog is suppose to do that, MFD is more of my diary and I wanted to include my entire journey in one place.

Wow... that Challenge blew!

Didn't make either of my goals but still got in some serious exercise.

10/22: 75 min elliptical and -66 cal deficit (which means no deficit; 66 OVER)
10/23: 53 min elliptical and -167 cal deficit
10/24: 115 min hike and 508 cal deficit

243/250 exercise minutes
275/1500 calorie deficit


The day was pretty much perfect... until it wasn't. :(
I had my entire day planned out: meals and exercise.  When the boyfriend picked me from work, we went home like normal and I got changed into my workout clothes.  He then tells me that he took the night off of work (which I'm super happy about!) but that threw a wrench in my plans.  I told him no matter what, I HAVE to get in my workout... which I did.  But then my friend texted me.

See, the boyfriend works at a restaurant and my friend so happened to be eating there on Friday night. So she texted me that she didn't see my boyfriend working and I told her he took the night off.  So she asked if we wanted to go out later... you know, grab a few drinks have a late night dinner.  So I said yes since I never see her anymore.

We went to this cute little French restaurant. The boyfriend and I ordered dinner (I had the yummiest grilled fish with shrimp and beet salad) since we didn't eat yet but my friend ordered the restaurant's famed cheese and salami platter.  That's all I have to say about that right?  That alone killed any hope of a calorie deficit.  :(

Buffet wedding lunch with hardly anything healthy... pesto pasta, white rice, Caesar salad soaked with dressing, sauteed veggies swimming in butter, garlic mashed potatoes, prime rib, and fried fish.  And of course chocolate wedding that wasn't even yummy, but I ate it all anyway.  GREAT!

Dinner out with my family landed us at a Japanese restaurant, so nothing super unhealthy but still not the best.  I made the best choices I could but after logging everything into MFD, I came out with a 2200 calorie day.

THE GOOD NEWS: After I got home from dinner, I rested a bit and jumped on the elliptical at 9:30 at night! :)

Felt really bloated and disgusting from the previous couple of days so went on a nice long hike all by myself.  It was nice to just be out there in nature and in my own thoughts but kinda scary too.

Anyway, had a really good day except for choosing fried spring rolls at dinner tonight but you win some and you lose some.

Here's to a much better week!


Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

good days and bad days happen, you seem to be bouncing back from the more challenging days

Dayne Gingrich said...

You're definitely still steppin... I know it's tough, but w/ every step, something changes.

I would still love for you to share Your Story at CoachYourMind... pleeeeze.

People really need to read about it.

dgingo@cox.net is waiting for you ;-)