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Saturday, October 16, 2010

MFD: Another Weeken Challenge! BRING IT!

This post was copied from my forum entry on My Food Diary (MFD) where I journal my daily thoughts/feelings about weight-loss.  Although this blog is suppose to do that, MFD is more of my diary and I wanted to include my entire journey in one place.

Well I'm doing another weekend challenge!

Goal for this weekend (Friday - Sunday):

0/300 minutes
0/1800+ calorie deficit

As of this evening, Saturday 6:40 pm (I'm thinking of jumping on the elliptical for a quick and dirty session):

10/15: 448 calorie deficit and 86 min elliptical + upper body
10/16: 772 calorie deficit and 81 min hike

TOTALS: 1220/1800+ calorie deficit
               167/300 minutes

1 comment:

Chris Davis said...

Weekend challenge - hmm that sounds like a great way to make those little changes and set yourself up for success! Think I'll try that too!

Hope all is well Annie and your weekend challenge is a success!