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Monday, October 11, 2010

MFD: Weekend Challenge update


Had so much to do but when the boyfriend and I got up on Saturday morning, we completely changed our minds and did non-planned things all weekend.

Saturday we got up early to take the dogs walking... a good hour-long power walk in the morning sun get's everyone tired and sweaty. After the walk, the puppers were happy to lay around the house for the rest of the day while the boyfriend and I ran errands. COSTCO RUN!! I fricken love Costco! Stocked up on so much good food: whole wheat bread, fresh fruits and veggies, frozen fruits and veggies, milk, eggs, yogurt, healthy tv dinners, and best of all WORKOUT CLOTHES!!! My local Costco had my favorite favorite Nike shorts on sale for under $18. This suckers normally run about $25 each on sale, so I picked up two. They also had Nike workout tank tops on sale and I picked up three of those.

It's funny how buying workout clothes is more exciting to me than buying regular, going-out clothes. Loves it! :)

Sunday I woke up early again to take the puppies for a short jog. Our short (30 minute max) jog turned out to be a longer (60+ minutes) jog/walk and it was amazing! Got home before 9:30 then got ready to spend the day with my mom. She had to go to Costco so while there I picked up more workout clothes. Then we headed out to lunch and tried a new Mexican place that just opened up.

Grilled Cajun fish tacos Baha style, no cheese/sour cream, and cajun white/black beans are so good!! And good for you according to MFD. :)

Got home pretty early and jumped on the elliptical while I caught up on the newest season of The Biggest Loser. Don't get me wrong, I think the show represents something good (the fact that as a country, we really need to start taking our health seriously) but is it now a requirement to be obese AND have a heart-felt, tear-jerking story to be on TBL?

Anyway, we ended the evening last night with a dinner of bell peppers, onions, and some chicken sausage I picked up at Costco. Best/most simple/cheapest/healthiest meal ever! The sausage is low fat and low sodium so for a big plate of peppers and onions and one huge chicken sausage, it's only 175 cals!  Have a side of whole wheat pasta to round out the meal and it's perfect!

 And the whole point of this post was to update you on my Weekend Challenges.  Well I did good:

261/250 exercise minutes
1038/1000 calorie deficit

The calories could have been higher and I barley made it yesterday.  If it weren't for my double workouts yesterday, my deficit would have been much less.  Next weekend (and probably every weekend after that) I'll be doing these Challenges so feel free to join in.


Maxine said...

Congrats and good job!

Annalisa201 said...

Talk about Pandora's Box!!! Way to go Annie!

PhluffyPrincess said...

OMG I could have written this post! I have been watching the BL for a few seasons as well, and this season I am exhausted already from all the tears and background stories already. I need a balance of "I just let myself go" and "I just liked eating fatty foods" to make it enjoyable again!

YES buying workout clothes is exciting for me too!!!!