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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who is this?!

If you were to meet me right now you'd think I was a totally new person than who I was a month ago.  Something has rekindled my desire to lose the weight (again!) and as much as I hate talking all big and saying stuff like "I'm back and can't wait to do this" than completely flaking out a few days later...

I truly am back!

I have been consistent with exercise and eating for the last month and my body is finally responding to the healthy changes... I'm down 5 lbs from my heaviest since I gained the weight back.  And I'm not gonna lie. I still don't like exercise as much as I used to but I know what needs to be done and it's just a matter of time before my body starts liking it again... RIGHT?!

And I can't remember if it was ever mentioned here but since we're being honest lets just get it all out there.  Since May I have gained a total of: 20 lbs!!  Yup, 20 extra pounds in 5 months on my short 5'0" frame is a very visible difference and I hate it.  Hate it like I've never hated anything before.

So my official re-starting weight is 155.  But right now I'm at 150.2 so moving in the right direction!

Last month I was so bitter and disgusted with myself for letting my weight get that high but today I can't wait till I hit the gym or bust out a workout dvd... again, not cause I like it, but I know that's the only thing that works.

So I've gone back to true basics and started using the wonderful world of My Food Diary again.  I have no idea how I found it back in 2008 but it has been the BEST food tracking website I have come across (I've tried many paid and free sites).  And yes it has a monthly fee of $9 but seriously,  I'll skip my daily Starbucks three times a month to have the money to pay for it!  It's much more than just a food tracker... it tracks totals for sodium, saturated fat, protein, sugar, fiber, etc. for a really well balanced eating style.  Right now they have a 7 day free trial (and no, I don't work for them or make any type of commission. I'm just one weight-loser trying to spread the word) so check it out if you're interested.

So this blog should be getting updated more often because I will be posting my daily diary/journaling from MFD here, just to keep my entire journey in one place.

1 comment:

Maxine said...

I love web-based food diaries and exercise logs! I wonder how much better your site is than the one I use for free; it's called myfitnesspal.com and you can add friends and stuff. I like how you can add friends and share your food diary. Very encouraging.