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Saturday, May 16, 2009

P90X 30-Day Stats and Day 30 and 31/90; diet: Y

First, the good stuff: 30-day stats! So although I didn't lose much weight (which was expected) I couldn't be happier with my results. I remeasured about 3x because some of the measurements looked really surprising. For example the body fat in mm and my waist measurement, but I got the same number every time. It could also be because I messed up on the first measurements but looking back at my previous monthly stats (see blog below) the numbers look consistent. Over the past few months, I have noticed a big difference in my waist so I'm pretty sure my numbers are legit. The wall squats I had to postpone because my legs are sore right now from a hike the other day, but I'm going to try and get that done early next week.
P90X day 30/90: Plyo
Skipped Plyo yesterday because my legs are pretty sore because I did a hike the other day. It wasn't a particularly hard hike, but about 45 minutes of it is walking down at a pretty steep angle over tree roots and rocks. I noticed one part of my quad is especially sensitive to this type of downward pounding because it gets really sore when I do something like this. So just gave my legs a break yesterday. Diet today was pretty on-spot besides a small, bite-sized shortbread cookie. I know, I know...

P90X day 31/90: HIIT, Back and Biceps, ARX
Got up early this morning and knocked out my HIIT session on the elliptical (I love how this makes me feel after!) then did Back and Biceps this evening. Again, any exercises that work the arms I love but I noticed I'm having some forearm issues on my left side. It gets sore before my bicep does. I know this is totally due to my form and grip so I'm working on it. And today I skipped out on ARX because I wanted to do Core tomorrow morning then Kenpo in the evening. So saved the ab work for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Keep bringing it Annie - great results. I did plyo the first 3 weeks into P90X but then started having knee problems so substituted cardio X in its place. I'm hoping in my 2nd round to get back into plyo again, think I just need more strength. I haven't done the fit test since day 1, I thought at first I would do it every 30 days but decided to wait till the end of the round.

I have back & biceps today too!

Jeff said...

Annie - your stats look awesome - the waist numbers are very impressive! Keep up the great work!

Jade said...

Congratulations Annie!! I'm so proud of you!

MAJL said...

Hi Annie,

Not exercising is also impossible for me as well, so I schedule cooler 1 days where I am not training (doing more than hour of cardio per day) or on a weekend (being at work distracts me somewhat).

For me, the toughest part of cooler 1 is not eating any cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and making it from 1-4p.m without eating. At first, I was only able to stick with cooler 1 for one day in a row, so I would do cooler 1 on Monday, then cooler 1.5-2 on Tuesday, and back to cooler 1 on Wednesday until I was able to add two days in a row, and now I am up to 4-5.

If you are doing cardio, you need to fuel up on carbs so try having your carb and starch closer together and pre-workout. For example, meal 3 was chicken breast and sweet potatoes with swiss chard and sauteed peppers, then meal 4 was half of a cup of oatmeal with 1 scoop of protein powder and an apple. Now, at 8 p.m, 1 hour after I had meal 5 (fish and coleslaw mix with no dressing), I am very famished.

You need to listen to your body; if you are exercising on cooler 1, then you might have to add an extra meal to keep your energy level up. I find that when I do cardio, I am not anywhere near as hungry as when I do weights. This is just what works for me and I am not certified or anything like that!

P90x Results said...

Awesome results. So, I can finally see the real work. I always felt that in order to meet the people thin or shape, I was afraid to try it, but to see your results in just 49 days is amazing. Great work, I have been doing the program.