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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up w/ my blog

WOW... so much to catch up on. Though I haven't been here, you can bet I've been pushing play and brining it with P90X! But my diet has been crap for some of the days (I'll explain later). Here's a recap of my exercises the past several days:

Sunday, day 32/90: Kenpo X Core Synergistic and HIIT

Monday, day 33/90: Legs and Back Rest day

Tuesday, day 34/90: Rest Day Legs and Back and elliptical

Wednesday, day 35/90: Took my exercise outside and walked

I did a lot of switching around the last several days because of schedule conflicts and slight knee pain. I tweaked my knee a little bending down to feed my dog but it's nothing major. One or two days of rest and it's completely better now. So when I first started P90X, it was my plan to eliminate Yoga X except for Recovery weeks, but think I want to bring it back. I have been doing DOUBLES but have been switching between Cardio X, Kenpo, Core Synergistic, elliptical or running, but think I may want to rotate between Yoga X too. I know the Doubles version of P90X is suppose to incorporate a cardio routine at the opposite time of the weight-lifting routine, but may start to incorporate all the other exercises into my AM routine. And I am being careful and timing everything so the same muscle group isn't worked two days in a row and so far I feel good doing it.

Right now, I've been really struggling with my nutrition. For some reason, I have become less motivated for both diet and exercise, but have kept on track with the exercise. Diet is much harder. I keep making up excuses to why I can eat crap and I hate it! I hate how it makes me feel after I eat it (both physically and emotionally) and I tend to beat myself up for a day or two after. This past Sunday I had a wedding reception which was my cheat meal for the week but I think this is where it started (and everything from mashed potatoes to creme brulee to cheesecake didn't help either! At least I passed on the wedding cake.) Monday I ended up snacking on things at work that I normally don't eat and later that night I ended up eating a bowl of cereal right before bed. Tuesday I went out to lunch with my boyfriend and had another bowl of cereal right before bed. Not so much because I was hungry but because I just wanted to eat it. I have to say that I did refuse ice cream when we went grocery shopping yesterday and even though I was complaining that I really wanted some last night (and my boyfriend was willing to drive out and get some) I said NO.

I don't know what's going on. I think it's my body's way of telling me it needs something that it's not getting whether it's more protein, fat, carbs, or even just more food. Will need to really take a look at what I'm eating and try to figure it out. I track all my food and nutrients daily with an on-line food journal (myfooddiary.com) but need to start paying closer attention to my diet and maybe start to tweak it.


Missresa said...

Girl, I know how you feel!!! I had gotten sick, and my diet went down the tubes-especially with my girls having sleep overs, birthdays, family gatherings... There seems to be no end in sight!!! But it's great that you've seen the problem and are taking the steps to fix it!!! You're doing amazing!!!

MAJL said...

I sent you two e-mails to answer your questions, in case they end up in spam. I've been having trouble with my diet too. Using the food diary is a great way to figure out if you are missing something and to analyze your eats.

Anonymous said...

Lianne - I just got done writing all about this very same thing over on MFD. You are getting to one of those layers of the onion now that just might make you cry. Battle through girlfriend - once you get through this barrier you will be sailing into the 130's. Consider giving yourself choices when you are faced with temptation. Do I want to do an additional 30 minutes of cardio on top of what I already do in order to afford this treat.

Another thing to consider is that since you are doubling your workouts perhaps your meals should go up a bit in calories. Add an extra egg white to the omelet, have 5 ounces of chicken instead of 4, etc.... Drink a glass of milk before bed - all that's missing is the cereal. :)

Jay :)

Deuce said...

I recently heard an author interviewed on NPR about the diabolical combinations of sugar, salt, and fat restaurants and food producers but together to exploit our primitive desire for these tastes. We evolved with a strong taste for these things because they were vital to our survival, but were rare in our diet. The area of the brain that is stimulated by the mere thought of these foods is the same area stimulated by a heroin addict’s thoughts about their next fix. He said that a campaign (personal or public) similar to the anti-tobacco campaign is necessary to change peoples thought patterns. We should be looking at these diabolical combinations as disgusting instead of mouth watering. Any former smoker can relate to that type of thought shift.

Since I heard this interview I have been working to shift my thought patterns to view these diabolical foods with disgust. For me they truly are a life destroying addiction. Every tempation is a choice between life or my addiction. I chose LIFE!

The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work!

Heather said...

I've been having motivation problems myself, but pretty much just with the exercise. I think my body thought I needed a break before starting phase 3 and just wasn't willing to start another phase. I ended up taking my regular rest day and then found an excuse to take another after that. BUt since then, I think I'm back on track. I just keep thinking that I only have a very short time to get myself into a bikini again and so far that's been pretty good motivation. My nutrition never seems to be what it should be, but at least it's better than it used to be!
Keep up the good work and when you need motivation, just read other people's blogs, etc. That helps for me!