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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Was I really THAT fat?!

No, that's not a picture of me but sometimes I feel like that's how I used to look to others. Why? Because people keep telling me to stop losing weight!


I'm 5'0" tall and currently weigh about 140. That's a BMI of just under 28. As most of you know, a BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight. I need to weight 127 at the lowest to be considered in the "normal" range of weight. So you might be saying, but BMI is not a good way to judge how "fat" you are because it doesn't take into account lean muscle mass. Based on BMI, a professional athlete can be categorized as "overweight". That's right. So let's also look at my waist-to-hip ratio: currently it's at .87 which means "high risk of health problems". Again, this test is bias and is more a measurement of the fat location on your body, but that's still not good news for me. Still don't believe I'm "fat"? Just go look at my most current progress picture that was taken on April 25.

My point is, I still have quite a bit of weight to lose before I can even be considered healthy! That's my goal right now... to get my health back... not to look hot in a bikini (but that's great motivations also). So it irritates me that people tell me I don't need to lose any more (and I've had over 8 people tell me this so far). I know some of the people say this to be nice and that's their way of complementing me on how far I've come, but it makes me feel like I was a huge whale before! If these people think I look skinny and so good now, still fat and overweight, it makes me wonder how people saw me when I was 176+ lbs.! I still have over 20 pounds to lose to just get to a healthy weight range... are these people going to think I look anorexic when I get my dream body?

The other thing is I don't even know how to respond to comments like this. Especially when the comment comes from someone bigger than me (which I'm sad to say, but is a lot of people now days). Am I suppose to say "No, I still have a lot more work to do." Cause that sounds like I'm calling them fat. My response to these people has been "It's doctor's orders to lose more so that's what I'm gonna do." Even when it's not (I've been lucky and haven't had health problems yet).

Anyway, I'm done ranting... I guess it's not that big of a deal since people are noticing the changes I'm making, but I do get a little offended from comments like this!

Sheesh... taking everything so personally!


Anonymous said...

Lianne -
I completely HATE it when this happens to me! I really really do! I have started threads on MFD about it and worse I have believed them and began to eat myself right back up to 135. I know exactly what you are going through and I wish I knew how to tell you to handle the "compliments".

Some may be trying to sabotage your efforts, some may truly believe that you are too thin, some may be jealous, some may not know how else to compliment your efforts. But, the main thing you must remember is that this is YOUR journey NOT theirs.

I had people tell me to stop because my face was too thin and they kind of got a look on their face like *eeewww*. Well, that was the one comment that sent me into an eating frenzy. :( I am so mad at myself for believing them.

I 100% believe that you should continue to shoot for your goal of 120 pounds and I am here to keep you accountable. I think that is a very reasonable number for someone who is 5" tall. In today's standards you will definitely be thinner than most people in the world.

How about a comeback to the comments by saying "well I am an athlete now - so you are only beginning to see what the new Annie looks like - I can't wait to see what you say to me at Christmas" Or "Wow if you think I look thin now - wait till Christmas - you won't recognize me" Or "Haha this is nothing - I am only 2/3 to my goal"

Or is they say you are getting too thin " Say yes that is my plan!"

I don't know each situation will be different and will get inside your head each time. But, just know you are doing the right thing.

Jay :)

Jeff said...

My wife has had similar experiences. She has dropped over 40lbs and people keep telling her she is "too thin" or "wasting away" ...blah, blah, blah. Fact is, she looks great and has done it through exercise and clean eating. She mostly now just says, "Thank you!" and walks away (she might whisper "fatty" to them under her breath). Women are masters at back-handed compliments so take it as such when someone makes a statement like that to you. Lianne above said it best - most of them are probably jealous.

Or since you are all buff now you could just slap them upside their heads - that would feel good too!

Deuce said...

Annie, you are doing great! If people larger than you are telling you to slow down, it's because they are feeling left behind. Misery loves company and your larger friends are loosing their company.

Whether you or they realize it, you are a role model to these people. There comments mean they are thinking if you don't stop, they may have to get off their ass and follow.

If a person what to feel OK about being fat, it's a lot easier to surround themselves with fat people. If you want to be fit, watch and do what fit people do.

You go Annie and I will follow!!!

Heather said...

I completely agree...I think they're all jealous! Maybe I'm rude, but I would just respond by saying that I'm not even close to where I want to be and I still have a lot more left to lose. If they are offended by that, that's their problem!!
I think you're doing a fantastic job!!!