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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tossing the Scale for good!

Well kind of... I've been having too many issues with the number on the scale so I have decided to toss it... every two weeks that is. I normally weigh-in on Mondays and Fridays to keep me accountable, but for the last 4 months I've been kind of in a plateau. My weight has fluctuated between 149 - 143 for the last 4 months and seeing the same decade every week was slowly driving me crazy. I understand that plateaus are a natural part of weight-loss and I've been really good about not letting the number affect me, however to help myself even more I've decide to only weigh in every other Friday. I don't think I can (or should) give up the scale for good right now because I still need to keep on track... keep myself accountable. I realize it will be harder to judge my progress with only two weigh-ins a month, but I've gotten too caught up with what the scale says. I take measurments monthly and to me these numbers are much more important. My next weigh-in is scheduled for May 15, right around my 30-day mark for P90X so that will be perfect timing.

As long as I keep up with the exercise and eat as clean as I can, I know I'll be doing my body only good.


Heather said...

I've been having a bit of a tough time with the scales myself. I've been at P90X for 53 days now, and I've probably only lost about 1 lb! I know I really shouldn't go by it because I can see that I'm toning up, but it's still frustrating. I've pretty much been weighing in every day, but I think I'll try what you're doing and only do it every 2 weeks.

Nicole said...

Hey Annie,
I have done P90X, ChaLean Extreme and STS and I like them all for different reasons. P90X really firmed me up, ChaLean was great for definition and I just finished month 1 of STS so I don't have a solid idea of it's effects. I am starting to see separated muscles in my shoulders which is cool:) I'll let you know. I bought it during the pre-sale so it was a bit cheaper than it is now. Have you ever heard of kinetflix? It's like Netflix but for fitness DVD's. They actually have STS if you want to try it from them. Way to go on your progress so far, that's awesome!! Thanks for checking out my blog:)
The Fitness Freak

Jade said...

The scale was killing me too, but I've found that I'm more apt to cheat if I'm not weighing daily, so I'm just starting to go back to daily weigh-ins. We gotta find out what works best for each of us - great job on not giving up! Keep pushing play!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie,
I weigh in Monday mornings, no more frequently than once a week. I've had periods of time too where the scale just seem to not move or go + or - 2 pounds, then all of a sudden it would start moving again. I think it is just your body resisting testing to see if you are really serious about this getting in shape stuff! :) One thing I do that helps is I keep a graph of my weight since day one, it helps to look at it every so often and see visually how your weight loss progress goes!

Jen said...

The Scale:
Funny how we HATE that thing most of the time...unless it spits the RIGHT number out at us for ONCE and then we can't quit hugging it! ha ha
Every 2 weeks is plenty. You'll start noticing changes in your body..the way your clothes fit..and that's even better than the # on the scale. Right now I weigh 130...the same as I did 10 years ago. But now I wear a size 4 and then I wore a size 8. It's all in the muscle. 10 years ago I didn't work out and just dieted by starving myself. Now I'm much smaller and MUCH more musclar but same weight.
I love your "shrinking girl" name BTW...Sooo cute!