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Sunday, May 3, 2009

SHAKEOLOGY is here!!!

I finally got my Shakeologies (is that a word?) in the mail on Saturday... chocolate and greenberry! Now I am NOT a Beach Body coach so I'm not trying to sell Shakeology, so over the next 30 days, I will be giving an honest review about it and the wonders that it's suppose to bring to me. I also know this is not some kind of miracle drink that will let me lose weight and give me great skin and nails and tons of energy all by itself. I do understand that this has to be paired with a proper diet and exercise program. I'm looking at this as a wellness drink for my body rather than a weight-loss drink. I feel like this is the biggest misconception out there about Shakeology. First and foremost, it's a healthy, healthy drink to add to your diet and one of the many benefits of using it is weight-loss.

Anyway, on to my concoctions.

Last night I used it as my meal replacement for dinner and made this:

- one scoop chocolate Shakeology
- half a scoop of vanilla whey protein
- 1 tbs. natural peanut butter
- half tbs. ground flaxseeds
- 1 cup light soy milk
- couple of ice cubes

It was so good!!! I thought I was drinking a chocolate peanut butter milkshake or something! I'm not planning on using it for a dinner replacement, just had to try it out. This morning I tried the Greenberry and I'm on the fence about the taste of this one. It's a little too wheat-grassy for me but I'll try it with different ingredients first. This is what I made this morning:

- one scoop greenberry Shakeology
- half a scoop of vanilla whey protein
- 1 cup soy milk
- half a cup of frozen berries

I've tried it with only orange juice and I have to say, that was better than this recipe. Will try it again tomorrow and we'll see!

And P.S.
NO GAS PROBLEMS FOR ME!! That's the biggest thing I was worried about!


Anonymous said...

Lianne - after using Shakeology as a meal replacement for over a month now - I totally agree that it is not a weight loss drink. I feel that the nutrients that are in the shake feed my body so much of what it has been missing that the cravings for less wholesome food has pretty much vanished for me. It truly is just a healthy concoction of wonderful ingredients that feed our bodies what it needs.

I just added protein powder to my shake this morning and it was a wonderful breakfast!!! Thanks for that idea.


Heather said...

Thank you for the honest opinion about shakeology. I've been curious about trying it, but so many people out there are just trying to sell it for profit, that I haven't really trusted what they say. So I'll be reading with interest about your review. Thanks!

Carl Daikeler said...

This is the first I've heard of adding MORE protein tp the shake! Not sure if I love it in the form of more whey, but I guess if it works for you... (I add a raw egg to the shake, which adds 'good fats' some extra proteins, etc. I have a whole bunch of theories on raw egg and why it's good for you (based on my own reading) and I will spaqre you those details. But I appreciate how you are approaching this. What we DON'T want Shakeology to be is a get-rich fad. I think this product can cure a lot of what's bad in our assumptions about food, but only if it truly is about health first. Anyway, just wanted to stop by to say thanks.

Carl Daikeler
CEO - Beachbody


John said...

Awesome, you've got the CEO checking in on your blog! Way to go Annie!

Annie said...

I KNOW RIGHT!!! I wish he went more into the raw egg thing as protein though.

It totally made my day though!