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Saturday, May 9, 2009

P90X Day 23/90: Core Synergistic; diet: Y

Yesterday was day 23 of P90X, or day 2 of my first Recovery week and it was Core Synergistics. Absolutely love all the exercises in this dvd. Chatarunga run kills me and I can't even do more than the first 10-second interval so I have to stay in plank for the rest of the run, but I love it anyway! All I can say is I wish this was incorporated more into the Classic routine... I think I'll start adding this in the AM instead of Cardio X. Well actually I'll switch back and forth between Cardio X, Kenpo, Core, and another type of cardio workout. That's right... you heard me... I'm starting doubles next week! Need to get my body beach-ready, you know!

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