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Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing catch up... AGAIN! But still bringing it!!

Well, I've got my motivation back! :)

Saturday I weighed in at 139.6!!! I actually broke into the 130's!!!! This is exactly what I needed to get me inspired again and I can't wait to start really brining it... diet wise and exercise wise.

I tried to get confirmation weigh-in's yesterday and today... but...

I forgot to jump on the scale yesterday morning so missed getting the confirmation weigh-in, and then last night the boyfriend and I went out to Chessecake Factory for a 3-year-and-2-month anniversary. Okay that's a lame excuse. We just went out for dinner for no real reason other than we wanted to eat there. I've been really active this weekend getting several hikes in as well as doing P90X so this was definitely my cheat meal of the week (I need to go back and read through my week to make sure I'm not having more than one cheat meal).

Anyway, with a night of beer, fried calamari, pasta, pizza, and cheesecake, there was no way I was going to keep that scale in the 130's but I managed to still pull a 140.8 this morning.

Since I took off of work tomorrow (LONG WEEKEND!) we're doing two hikes, spending the day at the beach then going to try and get a run in during the afternoon. This coming Friday is an official weigh-in for me so I'm hoping to bring my weight back down to the new decade of 130's!

I was hoping to be at or close to my goal weight of 120 by the end of summer, but since I switched up my exercise to P90X and cut a lot of cardio out, the weight-loss has slowed down quite a bit. I've started doing cardio in the mornings 5x a week again so I'm hoping that moves the scale even more. But looking at how far I've come since I started all 176+ pounds ago, this journey has been amazing! Even if it's taking a little longer than I planned, I couldn't be happier with what I'm doing with my life and where I am now.

Keep on keeping on...

P90X day 36/90: Chest, Shoulders and Tris and ARX
Still one of my favorite days! The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more shoulder work. But I love working my triceps!

P90X day 37/90: Plyo

P90X day 38/90: 2-hour walk on the beach, Back and Biceps and ARX
My boyfriend and I are working on building a frame for our doorway so I can finally get my pull-up bar set up! I'm hoping when I start week 7 this week Thursday, I'll have it up.

P90X day 39/90: Yoga X Hour hike and Stretch X
Was feeling really tired yesterday so I decided to take it a little easier and threw in Stretch X instead of Yoga. Love how Stretch X makes me feel!!

P90X day 40/90: Legs and Back, and ARX
Legs a little tight from the hike yesterday but boy did they feel good after this awesome workout! And ARX is getting better!!! I try to make it a point to at least match or increase the number of reps for each exercise that I did the previous time. So far I'm still on track!

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kenewayne said...

Very nice post! ...and keep on BRINGING IT!! :O)