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Thursday, May 7, 2009

P90X Day 21 and 22/90: Cardio X, Yoga; Diet: Y and N

Yesterday morning I set my alarm to go off an hour early and I pushed play on Cardio X. This is the first time I did Cardio X in the morning and I loved it! Short but effective little workout. Plus I gotta say, the yoga in the beginning of the dvd really wakes you up! LOVES IT! Anyway, I had an early Mother's Day dinner and show last night and the dinner was cheeseburger, fries, and a drink! I haven't had that in months so I'm using dinner tonight as my cheat meal for the week. I ate a big salad for lunch yesterday so I'm ready! (One cheat meal, not day, a week has gotten me results so far and keeps me from craving things.) Since I'm had the cheeseburger last night, skipping the fries, I have to give my diet a "N" for yesterday.

Today was day 1 of Recovery week so I did Yoga X. I did a little over an hour but stopped because I had plans tonight. I'm really surprised to have gotten that far! This is the first time this round of P90X that I did Yoga X because I have been subbing my yoga days for an extra cardio day. I have done the P90X yoga before and just didn't care for it. I had a hard time getting through most of the moves the first couple of times around so it was nice to see that I've gotten much stronger/better/balanced than before. I did forget how good yoga makes my body feel, but Yoga X just kills be because it's too long. I'm thinking of ordering Fountain of Youth from Tony's One on One series and subbing it for Yoga X. At least it's shorter, right?

1 comment:

emzeee said...

Hey there!

Been reading your blog. I feel the same about Yoga X but after I suck it up and go through with it, it feels great !

Hang in there!