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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

P90X Day 27 and 28/90; rest day and cardio

Yesterday was Day 27 of my P90X journey. It was suppose to be a rest day, but the weather was so nice I couldn't help going for a leisurely 2-hour hike with my boyfriend. Nothing strenuous but my legs felt really good getting out there for a long walk instead of the weight lifting or plyo or kicks that I normally make them go through. We got home just in time to watch the Biggest Loser Finale, and can I just say that I was bummed with the winner? I mean yes, they all did AMAZING jobs, but I really wanted Mike or Tara to win. Tara has totally proven herself the entire time on the ranch and to never fall below the yellow line is awesome. Helen still did a really good job and for someone at her age to win it is very inspiring. There really are no excuses now.

Anyway, today is my cardio day. Instead of doing any P90X exercises my boyfriend and I ran a short 5-mile course. We had dinner with my parents (nothing fancy) so we decided to run to the restaurant instead of drive. Haven't been out running in a while but can tell my stamina is much better. I accredit that to the awesome P90X program. Not even day 30 yet and I'm already reaping the benefits of the program... LOVE IT!

BTW, tomorrow starts Phase 2! I'm so excited!


Heather said...

Congrats on getting this far. About halfway through phase 2, I started noticing changes...but sounds like you've already noticed some pretty significant changes so far anyway!

John said...

Yeah, I didn't run from September to March... I was running 4 days a week in August and September, then started P90X. When I went for a run in March, I was 3 minutes faster on my normal 3.5 mile loop than when I stopped running in the fall.