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Monday, May 11, 2009

P90X Day 25 and 26/90: Stretch X and Core; diet: N

Yesterday I reluctantly pushed play on Stretch X but I am so glad I did! This is the first time I've done it because on my normal "rest days" I use it as a rest day! I thought it was going to be like Yoga X (which I still don't care for too much) but it wasn't and I loved, loved, LOVED how it made my muscles feel when I was done. I actually found myself doing some of the moves while I was sitting on the floor watching TV with the boyfriend last night. I got into the Kenpo quad stretch (one of my faves) and he thought I was being weird. Whatever, I know it's just because he's jealous! :)

Today was Core Synergistic again and I added in a short cardio session on the elliptical after too (I just felt good so I went with it). And did I mention that I'm seriously thinking of adding Core in during the regular Classic week. I love it so much and really think my core could use the extra exercises. Maybe add this to my AM workouts along with Cardio X and Kenpo. That would be a really good mix! I start doubles this Thursday - the first day of Phase 2! Man, that went by fast!


Adri said...

Wow I've never tried the Stretch X either! I find myself having muscle soreness and like you, want to just rest. Thanks! Maybe I'll try it on my rest day!

Anonymous said...

Way to bring it Annie!

X-Stretch is the best! When I hurt my back in phase 2 and had to take a break I still did X-Stretch each day and really helped my recovery! I always do it on my rest days!

I add my cross trainer in for 30 minutes to my sculpt workouts and I try to do FOY before my cardio workouts. Find it is a good balance and I like the extra workout!