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Sunday, January 24, 2010

CLX/P90X Hybrid and stats

Wow where did the time go...

Time for a CLX/P90X Hybrid update (although I'm thinking of changing the name to just P90X because I haven't touched a CLX workout in almost a month!).

First, my super-late-30-day stat update! I can't believe I took all my measurements back on the 11th but totally forgot to post them here. Be warned, the weight is up, the inches are up and down, but I've increased in the right areas as far as strength:

(click to enlarge)

Day 35
Gorgeous hike + treadmill hill run

Day 36
brisk walk

Day 37
4+ hour hike

Day 38
Full body weight-training PT session

Day 39

Day 40
OFF - again!

Day 41
P90X Shoulders and Arms + ARX

Day 42
4+ hour hike + brisk walk


Kyle Gershman said...

Wow...you are one active Annie!

Kristina said...

Up, down, or maintaining...you are doing so AWESOME!

The Manic Mommy said...

You could run circles around me! haha - keep at it!

MackAttack said...

wow, I'm tired just reading this! Great job!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely in great shape! Wow, I'm impressed!

BEE said...

you are doing great