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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesdays: 136.0

Last Wed. weight: 136.6
Today's weight: 136.0

Lost: -0.6

TOTAL Lost: -40.4

Is it okay to celebrate the -40 lbs. milestone again?

Anyway, speaking of Vegas...

Thank you for all your comments on yesterdays post. I appreciate all the advice and will take them to heart. I forgot to mention that I'm spending a day at Red Rock Canyon, hopefully getting in some hikes, but I'm for sure gonna be doing this:

But on a much lesser, faker, safer scale:

Oh yes, have my appointment set and will be sure to come back home with tons of pictures. Because I'm gonna do this, my PT sessions have been focusing on my lats and back muscles... nothing overly extensive as far as the workout goes, but doing lots of pull-ups, lat pull-downs, and dumbbell rows so I won't be too sore from climbing.

On another note still related to Vegas, I have this really cute dress I bought and I WANT TO WEAR IT, DAMN IT!! Although it fits and everything zippers up, it doesn't fit real comfortable... not too much breathing room. So welcome to crunch time! I have exactly 17 days from today to get into the best shape possible and I'm gonna do it! Anyone who cares to join me can go right ahead.

Eating will be stellar, but on the lower calorie, less carb side. I'll be following a fat-burner eating plan from one of the Beachbody programs, Power 90. Although it's a 6-day food plan, I'm gonna alter it a little by bringing up the calories so I can make it last 17 days. My workouts are going to be mostly cardio based and much less intense (think brisk walks, hiking, hill climbs, etc.) because of the lower calorie intake. Later today I'll post the details of my eats for the next couple of days.

Wish me luck!

Here are my goals for January:
  • Workout 6 days/week for a total of 27 days out of the 31 days
  • Burn an average of 300 calories per workout = 8100 calories MADE IT!
  • Workout for an average of 60 minutes = 1620 minutes MADE IT!
1/01: 463 cals, 96 min brisk walk
1/02: 400 cals, 103 min hike

1/03: 403 cals, 75 min JM dvd + elliptical
1/04: OFF
1/05: 457 cals, 102 min PT session + treadmill run
1/06: 423 cals, 78 min treadmill run + elliptical + basketball
1/07: 298 cals, 66 min walk
1/08: 293 cals, 90 min P90X Chst/Shldr/Tris + elliptical
1/09: 833 cals, 210 min hike + walk

1/10: 259 cals, 72 min full-body weight session
1/11: OFF
1/12: 367 cals, 90 min PT session + treadmill run
1/13: 307 cals, 75 min treadmill hill workout
1/14: 260 cals, 72 min P90X Shoulders and Arms + ab work
1/15: 294 cals, 65 min elliptical HIIT
1/16: 588 cals, 150 min hike + treadmill run

1/17: 286 cals, 62 min walk
1/18: 1011 cals, 252 min hike + walk
1/19: 202 cals, 60 min PT session
1/20: OFF
1/21: OFF
1/22: 241 cals, 85 min P90X Shoulders and Arms + ARX
1/23: 1138 cals, 255 min hike + walk

1/24: 289 cals, 75 min walk
1/25: 311 cals, 75 min walk
1/26: 341 cals, 90 min PT session + treadmill run

TOTAL: 9464 cals, 2298 mins


BEE said...

congrats on the loss

MAJL said...

I am in! Will post my daily eats and workouts starting this saturday.

Continuous Changes said...

You are going to ROCK that cute dress, Honey!! I will join in with you! In 17 days, I will be under 125, mark my words! Let's go :)

Boomer said...

Holy cow, you almost got me with that first picture! The second picture is more like it.

Hey, I am rooting for you to get in that dress. Bring it for the Power 90!!! As you know, its all about the nutrition.

Frannie said...

So jealous! Rock climbing is one of my big non-scale goals. I tried it once 10 years ago, and it was a total fail. I swore some day I would redeem myself! Once I lose about 50 pounds (because I'm just too heavy right now, and I figure by then I'll be way stronger) I'm dragging my boyfriend out for a rock climbing adventure (on the fake scale, because, wow).

My word verification word is "volygrap" but I thought it said "holycrap" which made me giggle. It's the little things in life... :)

MackAttack said...

WOW! My shoulders hurt just looking at the pictures! You'll be great! It's awesome to see how adventurous you are :)

The Manic Mommy said...

You go girl! You are a true inspiration! And rock climbing sounds SOOOO fun! I'm totally jealous! Def post some pics - I wanna know how you liked it!