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Saturday, January 30, 2010

It really does exists!

I've read about it.
I've dreamed about it.
I've heard about it happening to other people.
But I've never experienced it... until today!

I'm living proof that craving healthy foods DOES exists!

Today I went shopping with Anthony - didn't buy a single thing except a dog toy for Poki! - and we took longer than expected. I didn't bring any snacks to hold me over and kill my stomach pangs so by the time lunch rolled around I was starving and ready to eat anything. We were walking around the mall deciding what to eat when we thought about our favorite dim sum place. Sounded good to me even though it's so off-diet right now, but stupid decisions happen when you're starving right?

Anyway, we make it to the dim sum restaurant and I'm so excited to chow down on some greasy fried Chinese dumplings... I order my favorite thing ever: fried seaweed seafood wrap! Take the first bite and I'm hugely disappointing. I ask Anthony if it taste different to him but he says no.

Oh well, plenty more fried goodness to go!

I order my next favorite which is a crispy fried turnip cake with bits of meat and green onions fried right into the cake. Same disappointment! I figure maybe the oil the restaurant is using might be a little old. So I order something not fried but that doesn't make a difference... SAME DISAPPOINTMENT!

What's going on?

I decide to stop ordering already (the disappointment isn't worth the calorie intake) but I can't leave without ordering my favorite favorite favorite item... a steamed sweet cream egg bun. I take the first bite and just hand over the rest to Anthony... just didn't taste as good as I remembered it. So later today I was thinking about what happened at lunch and I came to the conclusion that my body just craves a different kind of food now: healthy food!

I left the Chinese restaurant literally feeling greasy and totally unsatisfied not because of the guilt of eating bad food, but because it's just something I didn't want. Sure I wanted it an hour earlier, but after having it, it really made me feel more hungry than before. Is that weird?

Weird or not, it's a change I'll take!

I just finished eating a spinach salad with boiled egg, chicken breast, cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers and couldn't be happier! I'll definitely take this change!


Continuous Changes said...

Isn't so strange to want healthy instead of crap? I have been the same way lately! Greasy, (old) yummy food just isn't the same!

My first Half Marathon is April 17!!! I am soooo excited!

Kyle Gershman said...

Goodness I hope I can get to where you are. Just like you, the foods I used to love still sound so damned good to me now; however, I haven't really had anything "Bad" yet. Even last night's dinner out when I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich without bacon, but left the swiss cheese on it, something was different about the cheese. It was okay, but also didn't really do anything for me either. I dunno...I hope that it is the start of the same transformation you've earned.

She woke up FAT said...

No it's not weird to me.
The same thing happened when I went to Cracker Barrel. All the food tasted like the same grease.
I'll take it as a blessing that I didn't like it much, now I won't crave it.

Alissa said...

Love it! We were at the store on Friday trying to find snacks for watching a movie that night. I wanted sweets, and to me, that translated into red grapes! It felt like my body literally could not survive without grapes!

Kristina said...

That happened to me at Chili's. I have always LOVED their Southwestern Egg Rolls. After having been on WW for about 3 months, we went and shared a plate of them.....ugh! Gross, I couldnt finish mine. They didnt taste ANYTHING like I remember (which is a good thing right? lol)

MackAttack said...

That's awesome! I'm realizing that my tastes are changing too. totally surprising and awesome :)

Jenn said...

I had pizza last night and was gassy all night with indigestion. From only 1 slice!!! And truth be told, I was OK with stopping at 1 slice because the taste wasn't that great. I find that my taste buds aren't as numb as it used to be. I used to shovel all types of food into my mouth without really tasting the food. Now that I eat healthier, I can taste fresh foods and think it tastes a lot better than the fast food junk that I used to crave. Every now and again, I do want junk food and after tasting it, I find that my memories of the foods were a lot tastier than the actual food. Good job in actually realizing this rather than keep eating just to eat! :)

Dayne Gingrich said...

It's definitely real... not in your imagination. Our bodies AND MINDS begin to transform, creating new (X).

This happened to me with soda. I used to drink waaaay too much. I finally quit, cold-turkey (or conscious decision that enough was enough, I now know). Now when I taste that sugar-filled drink, it makes me gag. I crave water, water, and more water. The more I drink, the more my body wants.

Same thing with exercise, food... any old habit turned new.

Great job. Keep making those decisions, creating your path, and taking massive disciplined action!


Fran Babij said...

Hi Annie,
I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you and your blog over at my blog. Please swing by and pick it up.
God Bless,

Connie Weiss said...

*jumping up and down* I'm so happy for you! This has been happening to me too. although the m&m's I've been sneaking here and there still taste good...but I'm not eating very many now.

I've been thinking about a McDonalds breakfast burrito for weeks...and as soon as I can eat carbs again, I'm going to eat half of one....and see how it goes.

I hope I don't like it!

Amanda said...

Congratulations girl, that is absolutely amazing. It looks like your physical changes go right along with the amazing mental changes you have made!!