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Monday, January 4, 2010

Motivational Mondays: My pathetic -16 lbs, lost!

Don't get me wrong... losing any amount of weight is a good thing but 16 lbs. in the last year?! SERIOUSLY?!?!

For me, that's bad! In the last year I have invested so much in to my health and fitness, both financially and effort-wise:

I plan daily/weekly meals.
I count calories every day.
I keep my macro-nutrients in the right ratios.
I pass up office snacks.
I only drink water.
I make time for the gym every week.
I get in my cardio and weight lifting.

In 2009, I spent TONS of money on everything from exercise equipment to supplements.
  • $4000+ on personal trainer sessions
  • $240+ on a gym membership
  • $200+ on the Bodybugg
  • $550+ on daily Shakeology supplements
  • $???? on workout clothes
  • $???? on all my other daily supplements
Yet it doesn't show!

For the amount of time, money and hard work I put into my health and fitness, I should be at my dream body already but I'm not... not even close!

Although I don't think it's in my genetics to have abs like those, this is my dream body!
I would LOVE to have arms like that!

I'm still 20+ lbs. overweight!
I'm still over 6% body fat from just being 'normal'. And you know why? Because on my off-days, I am W.A.Y. off! On the days I go over on my calorie limit it's not just a little bit over... it's over by 600 or 700 hundred calories! Even if I exercised my ass off that's my weight-gain right there!

In 2009 I weighed the lowest I've weighed in almost a decade... 134 lbs. I hit that all-time low back in October but ballooned back up to end the year at 141 lbs. SERIOUSLY?!?!

So I'm taking my pathetic 16-pound-loss-in-the-last-year and using it to get me motivated again. Not for the new year but for the new me!


Tony the Pink Panda said...

Honestly 16 pounds isn't bad considering your weight. You should be proud of yourself!

Gem said...

You still did so good! Use it to motivate you, and remember you have SUCH good habits going on that success is the only option :)

Kyle Gershman said...

All I know from your recent photos and the comparisons is that you are looking gooooooood girl...I don't know if you have year vs. year photos, but you are achieving levels of fitness and appearance that the scale simply can't address.

Can you get a Body Fat scale or other measuring device? I thought you also had body measurements...how are those?

Regardless, I respect that you posted this for your own motivation...keep on truckin'

MAJL said...

Hey Annie,
I know how you feel as I have been struggling for the last 7 months to lose 5 pounds and get greater defintition in my tummy and it hasn't been going well; I think it is because I've allowed myself to splurge more. Remember, the less weight we have to lose, the harder it is. You have done amazing and have learned so much about yourself, and you look great. Keep on keeping on!!!!

adorkable said...

you know, sometimes you just have to take what you can take! 16 lbs is 16 lbs of fat you no longer have on your body, and 16 lbs you don't ever have to gain back! that's what i tell myself too :) and also think about how much better you feel with that 16 lbs gone. i tell myself that too... yes, i have only lost 15 lbs since last year - but i am definitely in waaay better shape, and feel amazing!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

- adorkable

Jen said...

I can completely relate. Like you..when I'm good, I'm good...but when I'm bad...I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!! Ugh! Still 16 pounds is something to be very proud of. We're not trying to be supermodels here right? :o)
You'll hit your goal this year! I'm sure of it!
Ps. Is that a picture of Demi? hee hee...but really, that does look a lot like her FB profile pic right now. Did you see she is on the cover of a magazine?? WOW! I agree...I would love to have arms like that--not to mention those abs!

Sandrelle said...

The great thing is that you know exactly where you are going wrong and what to do to fix it. You will get there this year. Let go of "last year" and focus on now. Have you tried to zig-zag your calories? Keep the same net calories for the week, but change up your calories each day. This works great for me. You can do it!

MackAttack said...

16 lbs loss is SO much better than 16 lbs gain! Great job!

Boomer said...

It is way better to report a 16 pound weight loss than no weight loss at all. However, what is more important is you body fat percentage. I am willing to bet it is much lower than last year.

Isabelle said...

I feel with you.. But the others are right. Be proud of you :)

Annalisa201 said...

Yeah, I agree with the rest - you look amazing. Physically, you probably feel amazing, right? You have the tools and the know how to keep right on going. Use your records and figure out how to 1. prevent the over-eating in the first place 2. Help stop the binge once it starts (I used water today to stop my binge I started! Yeah, I know... wahoo!) 3.... lost my train of thought... 3 - Whatever - you know what you have to do. Maybe plan to go over your calorie limits, Sheila has always been a fan of planned free-eating days. Maybe not "free eating" but indulge every once in a while, for me once a week, or every other, but if you NEVER give in, you're sure to break 700 calories at a time instead of 300 cal dessert, or whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, you know me. I'm just trying to help, but my weaknesses are common to yours. I'm actually just preaching to myself here :)

Hey - 60 min yesterday, 60 min today! It helps SO much to focus on just those 60 minutes! Thanks heaps. So much. Really Annie. Thank you.