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Thursday, January 28, 2010

'M' is for Miso

... as in miso soup (as a main dish)! Please be warned that ingredients for my miso soup is eye-balled so nothing is really measured. I'll try to be as accurate as possible.

  • 2 eggs
  • half a head of Chinese cabbage, roughly chopped
  • one bunch mustard cabbage, roughly chopped
  • one bunch bok choy, roughly chopped
  • one block firm tofu, cubed
  • 16 oz block of kamaboko (fish cake)
  • one package hon-dashi soup stock
  • 0.25 cup miso paste or to taste
1.) Dilute miso paste in warm water and pour into a large pot of boiling water (about 6 cups water). Add hon-dashi and stir until dissolved.

2.) Roughly chop all leafy veggies and add to pot.

3.) Add cubed tofu to pot and bring soup back to a boil.

4.) Once soup is boiling, lower heat and slowly pour in whisked eggs while stirring the pot. This creates strands of cooked egg (think egg drop soup style).

5.) Enjoy with some rice at the bottom of the bowl.

I have grown up eating miso soup so I LOVE it! You can substitute almost any veggie that you want in this recipe, but the ones I used are 'traditional' in my family. I usually use fresh cubed daikon also but forgot about it when I was making it this time!


Pink Panda said...

I'm a huge fan of miso. It's great when it's snowing outside.

Lors said...

I must try this! I love miso soup :)

Running Down a Dream said...

Hi! Great blog and great progress! I'm just starting out on my fitness journey and we pretty much have the same stats. I'm 5',0" and weigh about 180. It's encouraging to see your results because I have my doubts about myself sometimes.

Great recipe, too! I love miso and I'll have to try this out.

Keep up the good work and if you get a chance stop by my blog...
Not many entries yet but I'm on my way.

Hadley said...

Looks yummy! I love Miso soup but I've never actually made it on my own. Now I have a recipe I can try it with!

Boomer said...

I love your miso with all the veggies. Most miso that I have seen don't have many vegetables.

simpledaisy said...

I made a similar miso soup a little while ago and it was AWESOME!!
I love miso:)