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Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 1/30: DWTS = time fast-forwarding?

Wednesday started my 30-day PT Challenge. On that day, the boyfriend and I went to the gym after an early (and light!) dinner. I spent my entire hour on the treadmill, which is totally unheard of for me, but Dancing with The Stars was on tv so I just kept pushing along, not even realizing the time - btw, Kelly Osbourne looks AMAZING! Anyway in no time I was finished and had pushed out a little over 5 miles. Coulda/Shoulda stayed longer to get in a quick 15 minute HIIT session but I was beat.

Nutrition-wise I stayed between my calorie range of 1400 - 1600 and the water intake was spot on.

Hope to have plenty of these days!

1 comment:

My Own Two Feet said...

I'm a total fan of zoning out during cardio, but lately I just can't seem to hit that zone. I am jealous, hee.