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Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Christmas in August, part deux

I realize it's no longer August, however I wanted to continue my 'shopping-spree-post' from the other week (you can read it here). And I actually got this item last week Wednesday, which was still in August, but I was holding off on saying anything about it until I got to try it out.

Anyway, I got a Bodybugg (BB)!!

(I didn't take pictures of my own because it's scratched up already! I'm not used to it yet so I'm constantly hitting it on things.)

Since I started my weight-loss journey I've always thought of getting one but kept holding off on buying it because I wanted to do the work - count the calories, watch the carb/protein/fat ratio, find the right amount of exercise, etc.- on my own. Eating right and working out are more than just going to the gym everyday and eating "diet food", it's also about learning how exercise and the right foods fuel my body. For me this is a lifestyle change, not something I'm doing temporarily so the more I can do on my own, I figure the better off I'll be later on down the road.

Now don't get wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with getting a Bodybugg from the start, in fact I think it can be great learning tool, but for me, personally, I wanted to wait.

That's me wearing it after a visit to the gym.

The reasons why I finally decided to get one:
  • This weight-loss is FOR LIFE so the investment is worth it: The price of the BB was a number one reason why I didn't get it from the start: $200. But because I know fitness/eating right is a permanent change for me, investing in the "most accurate calorie management system available to the general public today" would be a great tool.
  • All the rave reviews from people I know and some I don't: I have several friends (ranging from obese to fit) who bought them months ago and can't stop talking about them. They've all gotten great results with managing their calories with the BB system but I think the one person who sold me on it was Chalene Johnson from Beachbody (read her review here). She is the creator of Turbo Jam and it's her job to be fit. The BB helped her lose the last 5 - 10 lbs, which she thought she had to live with. If it can work for the fittest of the fittest, it can work for normal people too, right?
  • Just another form of accountability: I swear if there was some type of "magic pill" for losing weight, the accountability the BB gives me is it! Wearing it totally keeps me on track with what I eat and what I do all day. I feel like the 'lil BB is watching me so I HAVE to make sure I get in my exercise for the day and I HAVE to watch what I eat and I HAVE to try and get in as many steps as possible. It's not an obsession thing, but it's a really good reminder to have around my arm.
  • My weight-loss has come to a stand still: Just take a look at my weight graph at the top of my blog... I have come to stand still and have starting losing V.E.R.Y slowly if any at all. Hoping the BB can get me back on track to losing 1 lbs./week.
  • I love gadgets - especially fitness gadgets: First I got a pedometer. Then I got a heart rate monitor. Now, I have the Bodybugg!
  • It was on sale and I had a coupon: I'm not going to lie... seeing the BB on sale at my gym for $50 off plus finding a coupon online for another $10 off was a good deal to me! Plus there's a 30-day money-back guarantee... what's there to lose?
I'm going to save my review for another post, probably one a couple of weeks from now, so I can really get a good feel for the BB and see if it's working. Plus, this past week of eating definitely threw me off track... not an excuse, just a reason. :)

**One thing I have to say about the BB system: you need to track everything you eat. I wanted to put this out there because I think some people think you can just slap the BB on your arm and see how many calories you burn, which you can do, but it's kinda pointless to know what you're burning when you don't know what you're consuming. I have been counting calories and tracking what I eat for the past year now, so I knew the counting calories part of the system was going to be okay with me.


Alissa said...

Oooohhh, that's so fun! I can't wait to hear how you like it!

Betsy said...

Oh awesome! Can't wait to see the review!

Lors said...

I am just starting to read your blog and love it. You've made awesome progress.

Kate said...

Very cool.... I thought about one of those.... but opted for a Polar F6 HRM. (I'm cheap; I know)! Let us know what you think! I was wondering if the food logging would be complicated on their website; if they would have a good database.

Susan said...

Wow, that thing is cool. I agree, an investment in your goals is always worth it !

The choclolate PB is from The Peanutbutter Complany. It is natural PB and it is awsome. They have lots of other flavors too. I get it in Walmart usually. It is cheaper there than anywhere else. I think you can get it on Amazon too.

Keeven said...

wow! Cool gadget! God bless technology!

90 Day Workout said...

Very cool gadget Annie. :)

Also, congrats on the weight loss so far. You look great!