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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 6/30: Sore foot

Well check out my calendar above... besides going a little over on the calories on Sunday (blame it on the boyfriend because it was his birthday and we had to go out to eat at a really nice steak restaurant... just jokin) I stayed on track during the weekend. Isn't it suppose to be easier to do it on the weekdays?

Anyway, yesterday was day 6/30 for my 30-day challenge. Made it to the gym with Anthony and we both got in a good hour's worth of weight-lifting. It felt good to kind of 'do things on my own without the PT' but the level of motivation is definitely lacking. I still pushed myself pretty good because my muscles are sore today! Love it!

What I'm not loving is my sore foot! I had this once before from running too much too fast so I think my overly-long run during the weekend brought it back. Gonna rest it for a bit but will still get in my 3+ cardio miles a day from my elliptical or walking outside. No running for me for a week or so.

Right when I was getting back in the groove of running... damn it!


MackAttack said...

Glad you had fun with the boyfriend! Isn't it crazy how much easier it is to be motivated when you are accountable to someone

Motonomore said...

Wow, you're doing amazing. Sorry, you have sore feet. The elliptical is probably a good idea. It's also a lot better on your joints. My feet always get super hot when I run, but haven't been sore since the first week of my journey. Your blog title really fits you well. I also saw your before and after pictures below and all I could think was WOW! I can wait to get to that point when pictures show such a big difference. You have inspired me to work harder at the gym! Good luck this week. :)

Hadley said...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your sore foot. I've been plagued with blisters since an 8 mile walk a few days ago, so my heart goes out to you.

Nicely done with the strength training. Keep it up!