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Friday, April 17, 2009

P90X Day 1/90: Chest and Back, ARX; diet: Y

I did it!! I competed my workout yesterday but didn't have time to come back and blog about it. And it's not because I was so drained and still lying on the floor all night in pain, but because I was SOOOO tired. Early yesterday morning I did a very taxing hike (it's actually the picture on the right side of my page; all the railroad tracks leading up the mountain), burned over 550 calories just from that, then I had to rush to work by 11:00, then come home and do P90X. I'm surprised I was able to complete it.

Anyway, on to my thoughts as if I were writing this yesterday: Chest and Back was okay. I really liked all the exercise, but besides the push-ups, I never really thought I was getting a "good" workout. I did the Fit Test the day before I started and passed everything with semi-flying colors. But all those push-ups on this dvd were killer! I love it! I started out doing everything on my toes but by the second round I was down on my knees for some of the push-ups. For the pull-ups, I don't have a bar yet, but I use the 50 lbs. resistance band attached to the top of the door frame and I was a little disappointed at how easily I could do it. Not because I'm that strong (not even close), but because the door frame is that low so there's not enough resistance. Plus, my arms would get tired before I even felt anything in my back. I love the Heavy Pants and Lawnmower because I can feel it in my back, but again, my shoulders got tired out before my back did. Am I doing something wrong? Now Ab Ripper... So many words come to mind when I think of this, but I am not allowed to write any of those words here without changing my blog settings to adult content for swearing. I'm just joking, it wasn't that bad. I promised myself I would do at least 10 reps at Tony's pace for each exercise but that was soon shot to "h-e-double hockey sticks" from about the third or fourth exercise. I know I'll get better at the exercises, so that's what I'm looking forward to with the ARX. I think I'm gonna make up a table to track reps for ARX just to see my progress. Overall, I still love P90X and can't wait for Plyo tonight! :)

Now on to my thoughts from today: Chest and Back is awesome! I woke up this morning so sore in my back, shoulders and abs... loves it!!! Not feeling too much in my chest, as I never do with push-ups. I don't know why that is. I've been doing CLX for the last 2.5 months and I have never been sore at all, so I'm loving the sore muscles. It takes a little longer for me to wash my hair because my shoulders hurt but it burns so good!

Plyo... better watch out tonight!

**Edited to also say that I want to track my P90X nutrition so on my daily posts, I will be saying whether or not I followed the diet. I am doing Level I, portion plan diet of P90X**


Half of Me said...

Great job on your first workout! I too never really hurt in my chest area with pushups ...

Yea, I'm crazy, I'll be doubling up Jillian and P90X for about 10 days - my son figured out if I start on April 26th, I'll end with Day 90 on my birthday!

Keep up the great work - I can't wait to hear how your plyo goes!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is exciting!!!!

Jay :)

Anonymous said...

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