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Thursday, April 23, 2009

P90X Day 8/90: Chest and Back and ARX; diet: Y

Brought it today but still feel like I can give it more. And my shoulders are still sore instead of my chest or back... why? I start out great... doing my push-ups on my toes but once the second round hits... it's like I can't do them at all... not even on my knees. I know my form is still okay, but I feel the push-ups in my shoulders more than anywhere else as the program is coming to an end. Before P90X I did ChaLEAN Extreme and did the 100 Push-up Challenge and always felt push-ups in my arms so I can't figure out what's going on this time. Maybe all the different push-up styles are doing it. Not sure but I'll make a mental note to really pay attention to my form when I do Chest and Back again next week. And P.S. - dive-bomber push-ups are the ones I love and hate the most! I think this is actually the style of push-up that gets my shoulders sore!

ARX kicked my butt!!! I brought it the hardest I ever did so far and my abs are so sore!!! I seriously thought I was going to pass out on some of the exercises because I tried to go for as many reps as I could. Why is it that the abs hurt so much more intensely than any other muscle group? It's a different kind of burn... but I guess because they hardly get used (?). Anyway, I decided to change it up and do the CLX ab workout every other day just to mix it up with ARX. And I really wanna throw in some Core Synergistics but don't have time to do the full hour long routine... maybe on days I have the time, I'll sub that for ARX. It's still really early into the program so I'll just wait it out till I get bored with ARX.


Jade, Half of Me said...

Go Annie go! I am so happy I found your blog :) You are doing so well with P90X - you're in my inspiration! I am SO EXCITED and SO SCARED about starting it on Sunday!

Hmm, as I haven't done P90X yet, I'm sorry I can't help you with the shoulder pain ... hope it clears up soon!

Missresa said...

I had the same exact problem with my shoulders when I was doing this workout!!! I think that, for me, I was putting my hands too far forward... So instead of working my chest, I was working my shoulders and back... Maybe bringing your hands under you farther down would help? I hope I'm explaining correctly...

My husband made me laugh when he did ARX for the first time. He insisted that he didn't feel it in his stomach, that it was burning in his legs the most... The NEXT DAY, though, he was DEFINITELY feeling it... One workout, and he's a believer!!!