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Thursday, April 23, 2009

P90X Day 6 and 7/90: Rest day and Kenpo/cardio; diet: read below

So things have been kind of "mellow" the past couple of days with P90X (a little too mellow because it's affected my diet; I'll write more about that later). Tuesday was day 6 and it was my rest day so I did absolutely nothing and loved it! Yesterday was day 7 and it was my cardio day. I've switched around the P90X schedule by giving me a rest day before Kenpo because it worked better for my schedule. I've done the Kenpo dvd several times before starting the program and found I really like it, however some of the punches/kicks tweak my knees a little so I've decided to make Kenpo days Kenpo/cardio days. I'll either do Kenpo or some other type of cardio, whether it's running, elliptical, stairs, or going for a long walk with my dog. My boyfriend is off from work on these days too so it's nice to get outside and do some running together (we barely see each other even though we live together because I work days and he works nights). Anyway, yesterday we didn't get a chance to run outside so I jumped on the elliptical for an hour while we watched some tv instead.

Okay... diet wise... the last two days have been pretty bad. Tuesday my boyfriend and I went out for lunch and had pho with some fried spring rolls. After that we went to a little scone bakery right next door and we split a mini scone, a lemon bar, and a piece of banana bread... OMG talk about white carb AND sugar overload. I'm really good at staying away from white carbs and sugar and I could feel the difference later on in the day. I was so tired and sluggish and couldn't believe how little energy I had. So what did I do to compensate? I went home that night, didn't exercise and had some frozen yogurt as I watched Biggest Loser (go figure!). GREAT! THIS IS THE ROAD TO SUCCESS WITH P90X!! Yesterday wasn't much better. We went out to lunch again but this time to California Pizza Kitchen. I stayed away from the free bread and only ate half of my pesto chicken pizza so it wasn't too bad. Got home later that night and had a good dinner (sautéed chicken breast with baby bok choi) but then I had TWO servings of frozen yogurt after dinner. At least I got in some exercise that night, right?!

Today I'm back on track with the diet and plan to stay that way! I normally never eat out so these past two days have been out of the ordinary. I'll be back in a few hours to write about P90X today: Chest and Back... one of my faves!

1 comment:

Jade, Half of Me said...

Ahh ... it's so hard sometimes to get everything in sync between workouts and nutrition! I say you know it wasn't the greatest, and you know it was an exception, so just move on past it and do what you know you gotta go. You can do it!