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Monday, April 20, 2009

P90X Day 3/90: Shoulders and Arms; diet: Y

One of my favorites!

I love working out my arms and shoulders, so I knew this dvd was going to be one of my faves. But I came across problems with the program, not because of P90X, but because of the weights I use. I use Powerblocks, so for some of the moves, the Powerblocks are too bulky to get in close to my body and do the full and proper rep... like the bicep curls you do with your elbows on the inside of your knees... the weights would knock me in the face if I did a full curl... so I think I need to resort to pausing the dvd and doing actual concentration curls to try and really isolate the biceps. Also, toward the end of the dvd, my arms would give out at like rep 8 or 9 and the only way to get the weight up is to compromise my form. This has never happened to me in any other exercise program... I could always make it to at least 12. I think P90X goes through a lot more reps in one sitting then I'm used to so I have to learn to pace myself (duh! like Tony says). And I don't feel like I reached failure on those last 8 or 9 reps... my arms just wouldn't do it. I wasn't sore the next day and usually if I lift to failure on my biceps, I feel it BIG time the next couple of days. I'm not too concerned yet... week one is my time to get familiarized with the program so I'll be sure to try and improve on those areas.

Anyway, I'm lifting a little too light I think, so next week I'm gonna up the weights to see what can be done. That's one thing I like about these "repeat" exercise days... the first round and I can find a weight I'm comfortable with, but adjust it the second round and see how that goes.

Still bringing it...

Oh... I forgot to do ARX with Shoulders and Arms so I added it on to Yoga day (yesterday).


Jade, Half of Me said...

Great job!

Michael said...

Hi Annie,

Here's a little tip. When I was sidelined for a little while, I couldn't really do that Crouching Cohen Curls you are talking about because I had hurt my back and I couldn't get in that position. What I did notice was that alternatively you can sit on the edge of a chair and prop your elbow on the inside of one of your legs and work out each arm and do your reps. I think the DVD gives you more than enough time to do both arms.

Remember, you don't necessarily need more weight. Holding the squeeze at the top for about 2 seconds usually does the trick! It's about getting results, not about getting hurt. Good luck!